Best Skateboard for Beginners Kid

Best skateboard for beginners kid
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Are you looking for your kid’s first skateboard? But you have a low budget for this occasion for the first time experience. We understand your desire or expectation. Therefore, today, we will talk about some best skateboard for beginners kid consumers who have a minimum budget for it. There are lots of different skateboard varieties and brands are available in the market. Choosing the right one for your kids is not such an easy task under your required budget. So, to simplify your job, we give you ten best skateboard for beginners kid lists under your budget.

In this product review, we will try to give you all the necessary information about some best skateboard products for those beginners kid who have an extreme interest on skateboarding.

Let’s have a look for the details-

MoBoard Classic Style Graphic Complete Skateboard Review

Do you want to experience the toughest tricks, most extended Grinds, and also epic rides? MoBoard Skateboard gives you all these experience smoothly. It is one of the stylish skateboards under a low budget. Have a look at detail features of this MoBoard Skateboard in our best skateboard for beginners kid review article.

Main FeaturesMoBoard Classic Style Graphic Complete Skateboard Review

It provides full of fun with great design and color options. Black with 2o different design patterns and colors are available for you. Two different sizes 22 inches and 27 inches boards produce by producers. According to your height or your kid’s height, you can choose one size from them. It is defiantly an excellent gift for your kids. Board deck matches with its colorful wheels that make the skateboard more attractive.

This model is a high-quality plastic material skateboard that doesn’t breakdown as ordinary wooden boards. You can ride with it on the beach or rainy day. It is entirely waterproof. The skateboard features with metallic bearing with durable trucks that make your ride smooth. The best part of this skateboard is changeable colorful wheels. You can quickly exchange your old wheels with the new one. The trucks come with durable aluminum, but it is light in weight. It can carry 100kg or 220lbs weight. So, all different ranges of weight kids will use this skateboard. This board will turn sharp corners smoothly so you can enjoy your ride even in small areas.

For its lightweight weight feature, your kids will carry it easily with them. This skateboard also comes with T-tool sets to change the wheels by you.

What we like

  • This durable skateboard has a lightweight feature.
  • It has a durable and long-lasting plastic deck.
  • Thick Aluminum used for making its trucks.
  • It features with exchangeable wheels with T-tool sets.

What we don’t like

  • Some customers complain that the board speed not satisfactory
  • All the parts of this skateboard are not the same quality
  • Some customers complain that the wheels will stick frequently

DINBIN Complete Skateboards Review

In our best skateboard for beginners kid review, DINBIN Complete Skateboard is another excellent product. It is one of the most affordable skateboards with high quality is DINBIN Complete Skateboards. With a low price, you can get a prime quality skateboard around the market. All quality features that hardly find in the cheap rated skateboard you will find with it.

Main FeatureDINBIN Complete Skateboards Review

It is a 22 inches skateboard with ten different exciting colors and patterns. Such versatile verities you don’t find in other skateboards in the market. Wheels are contrasted with the board color make it attractive. It features with 22 x 6 inches PP deck. It designs with waffles top texture that helps to stable your leg with the board at riding time.

60x45mm78A wheels have high-speed ABEC-7 bearing. It provides smooth and balance speed to your ride. Great flexible, high-quality bolts join the wheels with the board. Proper balance is a significant factor for skateboarding. Therefore, sturdy and standard wheels make this best skateboard for beginners kids.

In skateboarding, safety is more important than other features. So, before selecting a skateboard, you should check the safety feature of those products. The best thing about this skateboard is it has certification from CE. It indicates that this skateboard is safe for skateboard riders at any age.

DINBIN Complete Skateboards can able to carry kids, teenager and even adult riders on it. Approximately it can carry 220lbs weight. We thing this weight capacity is pretty enough for all.

You will be happy to know that DINBIN provides pretty good customer service as always. They offer 60 days warranty for return back the purchased products if you are not satisfied with it. They will give you a total refund if you want to return the product.

What we like

  • This skateboard comes with complete assembly of its parts, unwrap and ready to ride
  • It features with high-speed stainless steel bearing with accuracy
  • You can choose your color from its ten different color and pattern options
  • The producer offers you return policy with a refund.

What we don’t like

  • Some customers complain that the bearing spacers are vast for the wheels
  • The bearings are cheap in quality and rusty very soon.

Chrome Wheels 31 inch Skateboard Complete Review

In our best cheap skateboard review list, Chrome Wheels Skateboard is one of the longest skateboards ever. This 31 inches skateboard is suitable for mainly beginner level and pro doing riders who can perform basic stunts and tricks.

Main FeaturesChrome Wheels 31 inch Skateboard Complete Review

It is a high-density wooden skateboard. It features a unique eight layers of maple wood construction. This unique feature makes this skateboard durable and robust than other wooden skateboards. The top surface of the board has no slippery surface that provides excellent balance and stable grip during performing stunts and tricks. Its double kick concave policy with antique pattern offers excellent control. It is also easy to get brake when you need a break during skating.

As we told before that, this board would make it suitable for all types of skater. It can able to carry about 220lbs weight that is standard among other boards. If you buy it for your kid, then even you can also try it by yourself.

The essential element for a skateboard is its wheels. If the wheels are not significant in quality, then the unwanted accident will occur. This board includes with 50mm anti-shock PU wheels. If you want a smooth-riding from your skateboard, then you can choose this board. Wheels with ABEC-7 bearings and

PU outback provide a precise charm in grade during skating. Even if you skating in the rough area, then you don’t feel the roughness of the road because of this feature.

This Chrome Wheels Skateboard also feature with full aluminum trucks and axle made with steel. It provides you a safe and smooth journey with your skateboard. You don’t need any assembly for this skateboard. Just after getting your product to unwrap and ready for skating.

What we like

  • This skateboard comes with both girls and boys suitable design patterns
  • It features with unique eight layers maple wood construction
  • Its anti-slip top part offers a steady and balance grip during skating
  • This skateboard comes with a carry bag, so it is easy to carry

What we don’t like

  • Some customers complain that the quality of the sticker quite poor
  • Compare with other low budget skateboards its price is high

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Review

One of the most stylish black heartbeat sticker Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard among other wooden skateboards. It is a shortboard with length 27.5 inches and width 7.5 inches and wheelbase 18.5 inches. If you love to skate everywhere, you must try this Magneto mini cruiser.

Main FeaturesMagneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Review

This skateboard design shortboard style to keep in mind the portability issue. You can easily carry this best cheap skateboard wherever you want to have fun unlimited. To provide an extreme level of pleasure, it features with double kick tails. The primary construction material of this board is Canadian maple wood. This high-quality component makes the skateboard sturdy and long-lasting. If you think that there is less space for standing you, then you are wrong. There is enough space for you but its compact design flexible for carrying it.

Different fun stunts and tricks can do with skateboards. Such as ollies, flip, mannies, common beat-tacking, etc. are very common for regular skaters. All these fun activities possible for double kick tails come with this mini skateboard. The top surface comes with direction friendly pattern for relaxed surf movement. It offers excellent performance in your skating.

This board not only durable for maple wood construction but also becomes more sturdy and robust for high-quality aluminum trucks. High-quality SHR polyurethane construction makes the wheels and bushing super active.

The exciting feature for choosy customers is its bold graphical presentation on top and lower part of the skateboard.

What we like

  • This skateboard features short length and width for carrying flexibility
  • The wheels and bushing constructed with SHR polyurethane
  • For adding exciting and flexibility it has double kick tails
  • This skateboard comes with sand grit texture top for the better gripping quality

What we don’t like

  • Some customers complain that the price is higher than other
  • After some few days, the trucks will get rust on it

Accession Skateboard Review

Another stunning but cheap rated product on our list is Aceshin Skateboard. It is suitable for all types of skater like kids, teenagers, both boys and girls, adults also. It is a complete pro-type skateboard beside the best skateboard for beginners kids. It has wholly come in assembled form. Therefore after getting the product in hand, it is ready for your ride! We think you will love this product from our best skateboard for beginners kid review product list.

Main FeaturesAccession Skateboard Review

Accession Skateboard is a 31 inches long and 8-inch wide skateboard. The main element of this compact board is hard rock 9-ply maple wood layer. Maple wood layer makes this skateboard durable than other brand skateboards. It can carry maximum 220lbs on it. It features with double kick mediate bowl-shaped design that is necessary for different stunts and tricks.

Like other standard skateboards, this board has 55mm 85A PU super smooth wheels. Another factor demand for smooth skating is high-quality beating and bushing. This skateboard has both PU bushings and ABEC-7 accuracy bearings. You will enjoy a trouble-free skating with these features.

Most of the typical beginner-level stunts and tricks like ollies, flip, mannies, common beat-tacking will perform by this skateboard. So, it is an excellent feature for anyone who has a small budget for his or her new skateboard. This fantastic service is only valid for its double kick concave design.

This skateboard includes unique black color grip tape for providing strong stability during skating. Grip taps you rarely find in other skateboards. It can give excellent support for a wooden skateboard.

What we like

  • This skateboard comes with complete assembly of all its parts
  • With different stunning features, this skateboard is affordable for all
  • This skateboard feature with high-quality aluminum trucks and 85A PU wheels
  • The top surface of this skateboard has an anti-slipping feature
  • Most of the customers give their positive review about this product

What we don’t like

  • Some customers said that it gives a poor performance on a rough surface
  • There are not many design pattern options for selecting your own choice

GASACIODS Mini Cruiser Skateboard Review

GASACIODS mini cruiser skateboard is a product with quality and affordable in price. This skateboard is ideal for beginners kids and youths. It is a fully complete retro plastic board with bendable deck. With an economy budget, it is one of the most popular skateboard brands, among other best cheap skateboard. We try to describe every single good or bad features of these skateboards in our best skateboard for beginners kid review article.

Main FeaturesGASACIODS 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard

This GASACIODS mini cruiser skateboard is about 22 inches long and 6 inches wide. The deck feature with anti-slipping polypropylene and high-quality materials. The trucks are cover up with pro aluminum. It has a 220lbs maximum weight load capacity.

It features with soft polyurethane wheels including 3.25 aluminum base supports. 60mm x 45mm 78A wider and thinner wheels provide you smooth feeling and vibration-free skating. Moreover, it has ABEC-7 improved chrome bearings. Its high-speed bearings provide smooth and fast skating even in rough space.

This skateboard is famous for its lightweight feature. Its short length feature makes it suitable for carrying in your backpack. So, you can take it wherever you want without any hassle.

The light cruiser is suitable for all stages, from learners to experts. It is an excellent source of exercise and pleasurable tool for kids. There are different colors and incredible patterns individually for girls and boys. Adults and expert skaters will love this skateboard for doing excellent stunts and tricks.

This skateboard is available with red and blue color with a great combination of wheels. Everywhere like skate parks, smooth surfaces, ramps, skating street and even in the rough ground, this skateboard ideal for all. The good thing is that producer offers you refund feature. If you don’t feel satisfied with your product or any defect found in it, then they refund your money. Moreover, you will get a lifetime product service from them.

What we like

  • With different stunning features, this skateboard is reasonable for the price
  • For smooth and speedy ride it has quality aluminum trucks and ABEC-7 improved chrome bearings
  • The top surface of this skateboard features with anti-slipping polypropylene material
  • Most of the customers love this product for its lightweight
  • This skateboard comes with complete assembly of all its parts

What we don’t like

  • Some customers complain that the bearings are inferior in quality
  • This small size skateboard not suitable for long height persons


White Fang Skateboards Review

If you are looking for an upgraded skateboard with the lightweight feature, then White Fang Skateboards is one of the best choices for skaters. In our observation, it is one of the most stylish skateboards with gorgeous black and white combination. Our suggestion about this skateboard is if you love the style and fashionable product, then you can try this. We are glad to include this skateboard in our best skateboard for beginners kid review product list.

Main FeaturesWhite Fang Skateboards Review

The primary marketing point of this best cheap skateboard is the high-quality wheels. The 52mm,95A wheels are super smooth and create spin speed. You will feel like you are skating with the blowing breeze! The wheels include ABEC-7 precision bearings and rebound PU bushing. Wheels are suitable for all types of place of skating. We found from some customers reviews that it performs well in the rough area. This skateboard is adaptable in multi conditions and provides excellent speed also.

Quality is another crucial factor in choosing a skateboard. It is a board with seven compact layers of Canadian maple wood. It provides excellent balance and makes it safe for beginners. The top surface wrap with emery sandpaper, on that your feet will stick. Therefore, this White Fang Skateboard is a very high-quality skateboard. It is strong and durable for its high-quality construction materials. 5-inch magnesium trucks can able to load 400lbs weight on it.

Doing tricks and stunts are common for all skating lovers. Therefore, most of the customers of skateboard look for a board that is suitable for stunts. This skateboard features with double kick dis-symmetric concave along with personalized emery sandpaper top cover. This feature makes you feel that your feet securely looked with the board; it helps to do tricks freely.

What we like

  • This skateboard has not required any assembly
  • Rebound PU bushing wheels provide smooth skating
  • The top surface features with emery sandpaper that locked your feet with the board
  • Most of the customers love this product for its pet-friendly function
  • This skateboard has a high balance capacity that makes it safe for kids

What we don’t like

  • The board trunks are low in quality
  • Some customers thought it is a beginner level skateboard not for experts.
  • Design is too simple for kids.

SANVIEW Cruiser Maple Skateboards Review

There are many different quality products of SANVIEW. But this product is one of the best cheap skateboards among them. It is a classic maple wood board with a twist modern design.

Main FeaturesSANVIEW Cruiser Maple Skateboards Review

This SANVIEW 28 inch has maple wood construction deck durable. It is lightweight for its seven plies Canadian maple wood construction. Beautiful, unique curves make this skateboard different from other boards in the market. Stunning green color will love your young kids. The board size is pretty standard for both kids and adults also. Better balance and swift speed make this board stable in all types of skating area. If you are looking for a cruising skateboard, it is a perfect one.

Attractive graphical artwork attracts you a lot — the top surface wrapped with black sandpaper that secures your feet with the board. You have six different color and design to choose from them. Boys and girls individually select their design and color combination.

The SANVIEW best cheap skateboard cruiser features with high-quality wheels. The high rebound polyurethane wheels provide smooth riding. 70X42mmSHR78A wheels are durable for maintaining proper balance during skating or doing stunts.

Another advantage of this skateboard is its high-quality bearings. Bearings make the skateboard able to smooth riding even in rough road. ABEC-9 precision bearings are best among other bearings.

What we like

  • It is a complete skateboard, unwrap and ready to ride
  • Flexible, shock-absorbent and incomparable in strength
  • 7 inches Aluminum casting trucks make this skateboard sturdy
  • With the outstanding feature, this SANVIEW 28 inches skateboard is reasonable in price
  • There are six different colors and design patterns available for girls and boys

 What we don’t like

  • Most of the customers complain that the wheels nuts are too tightly attach
  • Trucks are loosely tight that will cause an accident.

PUENTE 31 inch Complete Skateboards Review

PUENTE is a popular name for regular skaters. It is not accessible because of its name but for its quality also. For a long time, they remain popular because they do not let their quality down. Among their different models this PUENTE 31 inch skateboards one of the best skateboard for beginners kid.

Main FeaturesPUENTE 31 inch Complete Skateboards

This PUENTE skateboard is one of the most durable skateboards for its seven layers of maple wood cold-pressed construction. It can load the right amount of weight on it. Therefore, different age group can use this skateboard without any hesitation. There are 12 gorgeous graphical artworks available for you. The colors and stickers last for a long time for a thermal transmission from a different layer.

It features with durable maple plywood deck that is more reliable than a plastic deck. It is also resistant to shock and damage. Proper balance is a must criterion for a kind skateboard. In this PUENTE skateboard, there is double kick concave design to maintain an appropriate balance. The stability of this board helps you to make stunts and tricks anywhere you want to show.

In every skateboard, another essential element is high-quality wheels. 95 A hardness and ABEC-9 super speed bearings provide an excellent ride on it. At the beginner level, this feature is beneficial for you or your kids. Different places like skating park, road, skating spot, etc. all are compatible with this skateboard.

What we like

  • Resistant to shock and heat, therefore it is durable.
  • Proper balance will support beginner rider very well
  • It features with double kick concave design maintains the appropriate balance
  • Its seven layers Canadian maple wood construction make this board lightweight
  • There are so many options to choose your skateboard

What we don’t like

  • This board has no waterproof feature; it will damage in the rain
  • Some customers complain that the wheel join nuts are poor quality


Cal 7 Complete Skateboard Review

At the end of our best skateboard for beginners’ kid list, the last name is Cal 7 Complete Skateboard. It is suitable for expert and beginner level skaters. It is one of our recommended products for you. Its classic shape, fresh design, and quality construction must attract you. Let’s have a look at its features.

Main FeaturesCal 7 Complete Skateboard Review

The most exciting part of this skateboard is there are 11 different graphical presentation shows on the skateboard top. Each design has a different strange name. All over you will love to see all the designs to choose from them. Some of its titles are such as- Tribal, Dynasty, Heritage, Pharaoh, Behemoth, etc. The artworks all relevant to the name of the design. We are quite sure you cannot find another one like this Cal 7 Skateboard.

It is a mini-cruiser skateboard with 22 inches deck. High-quality plastic is the primary construction material of this skateboard. It is very lightweight so that you can easily carry it wherever you want. For its tiny size, you can take it with your carry bag. It deck size is 8.0 x 32 inch with 100Ahardness 52 x 31 mm polyurethane wheels. The wheels are softer enough and can perform well even on a rough road. These types of plastic wheels are the best choice for skateboard beginners kid and professionals also.

An essential part of a skateboard is ABEC-7 bearing that provides excellent balance. It is not the best one, but it is enough for anyone. If you want, you can change your bearing for a better option. It also has 3.125 inches of aluminum trucks that improve your skating experience.

What we like

  • Symmetrical popsicle construction makes this skateboard different from other
  • The various colorful design will make you happy to choose one
  • Most of the customer satisfied with its one year warranty
  • It is a complete skateboard come with all parts together

What we don’t like

  • Some customers complained that they get inferior packaging materials
  • The speed and smoothness of the wheel are not satisfactory.


  • Does DINBIN skateboard come with the basic tool kit in its package?

No! You have to buy an extra tool for it.

  • Is Chrome Wheels Skateboard need assembly?

No! It comes with complete assembly and ready for the ride.

  • What is the actual construction material of the Magneto Mini Cruiser skateboard? Bamboo or Maple wood?

Good question! Some make a mistake to think it is a bamboo board, but it is not. Maple wood is the primary material.

  • Is Aceshin Skateboard strong enough for kids?

It is a 31 inches maple wood skateboard and durable enough for your kids.

  • Can I buy my extra wheels for GASACIODS Skateboard? Is it support?

Yes! Off course you can, but it should be in the range of 59mm to 70mm.

  • Is White Fang Skateboards perfect for the adult who is learning?

It is a suitable skateboard for beginners.

  • Are the truck’s metal or are they plastic, do the wheels go fast?

Good quarry! The trucks are metallic. The wheels included with the skateboard are high quality.

  • What is the construction material of SANVIEW skateboard trucks?

5inch Black aluminum coating on the vehicles.

  • Is PUENTE skateboard good for tricks and stunts?

Yes! Stunning tricks will perform with this.

  • Is the Cal 7 Complete Skateboard easy to carry?

It is a very lightweight skateboard. So, you can easily carry it in your backpack.

Buyers Guide for selecting the best skateboard for beginner kid

If you are finding the just-right skateboard for every rider, it appears with experience. While you’re a novice, it’s quite harder to create the appropriate collection. There’re lots of things which we can find out to assist a beginner in making a proper decision. The new understanding a novice has, the more possibility they’ve in picking the suitable skateboard that intended for them to become skilled. There’re long as well as shortboards. Also, cruisers, not all these boards are good quality for all of the beginners. A large number of the riders and swindlers are forceful and make great ploys that are extremely tough on the skateboards. Moreover, these great riders should have a premium quality board to survive their tricks. Most of the boards don’t precede these fanatics very protracted.

Decks: Most Important Part

The riders stand on the decks of the skateboard. This particular piece of the skateboard has come with lots of concaves and kicks. Also, it has a peak along with a base. The top of the deck is somewhere the grip strip is connected, and the bottom of the deck is somewhere the individual part is applied. There’re skinny outside layers of what is described thin maple covering.

Moreover, this kind of outside layer is glued a few of them jointly with a new pressure structure. The additional external layers which are arranged, the well-built and further long-lasting these decks are finished. A few of the nine sheets of ply will hold a load of a boarder more or less 220 lbs. The regular figure of outside layers looks as if to be seven layers or thickness of this lean timber. The deck of the skateboard is the piece that the whole thing as well fixes.  While you pay for just the floor of the skateboard, it’s more often than not predrilled with required holes which the truck attaches also.

Grip Tape: Next Thing to look at!

The grip tape is set in the best position of the deck to assist the skateboarder hold in maintaining their footing. A few grip tape relates to the whole deck top permitting an excellent balance for the full skateboard. The additional grip tape is set on in stripes close to the area somewhere a skateboarder positions their bottom which may perhaps provide them the footing to pass through their skateboard. Not every part of skateboards appears with grip tape. As a result of a grip tape roll possibly will have to get one by one. Therefore it can add to the skateboard.

Trucks: Another Key Factor!

In general, the trucks are one more necessary part of the board. All these boards have vehicles. For the most part, the trucks are a metal axel which the board wheels fix to. Also, the holes which are generally predrilled in a board is what these trucks fix as well. It attaches with a flat plate that stripes up with holes. Moreover, it must place the firm to the skateboard and associated in a straight line and comfy to stay the wheels secure. This is crucial to pay money for a long-lasting feature truck which may perhaps glitch to day by day.

The Riser Pads: Additional  Feature

Riser pads are essential things that finished with rubber and approached two for every full board, on the whole single for both trucks. They’re hardened to set room among the board wheels. Along with the deck to maintain these pads from handling. This mechanism gives guard throughout a robust rotation or a firm landing to build the operation flatter. As well, these riser pads continue the metal divided from wood piece lying on deck to act similar to a shock soak up that assists to become softer the landing process.

Spacers: Extra Feature

Spacers of the board are a small part of heavy metal which is familiar with dividing the bearings at a preset or still thickness. These spacers maintain bearings correctly from resentencing jointly and reasoning the resistance.

Nuts: Bonus Feature

Nuts are departing on the ending of axels to grip bearings, spacers, and wheels in position. It’s essential to make sure these items stay firm with the intention that you don’t go down the board wheels when you are performing skateboard ride. The sensible alternative is selecting the fastening seeds. This try will assist you in making sure that they’ll stay in position to visit you protected when you’re doing ride and performing tricks.

Wheels: Last but not least

Wheels are another essential feature that fixes on the truck with the standard bearings. They’re more than a few different kinds and composes of the wheels. They are finding in a range of colors, techniques, extents, and prepared for various matters. Several wheels are made from the materials which build them firmer. Although other wheels are finished from the elements which create them an adjustable wheel. The bigger ranged wheels are used for swiftness; therefore, the bigger wheels will more often than not provide skateboarders a flatter and more rapid travel. The minor wheels generally employ for most excellent that intended for performing tricks. Got the details about Best Skateboard wheels here.


Final Words for Choosing Skateboard for Beginners Kid:

If you’re a novice, the most beautiful thing you are capable of doing before you pay money for a skateboard is to inquire manually what performing you would like to do. Would you like to set off traveling around a typically flat spot for enjoyment? A longboard may perhaps be the most excellent option that intended for you. Otherwise, are you paying attention to discovering actions as well as typical stunts? Then the dual-kick board possibly will be the most excellent preference. A standard board is just what the doctor ordered that designed for the rider is not confident what they feel like just so far.

Do you have a few queries regarding these skateboards? Are you just going to let us know that the best skateboard for beginner kid review you have a liking? Please leave the message in the comments box!

In addition, if you are a pro and searching for the best in the market just find out Best skateboard for beginners section.

Have a safe skateboard riding!