Can You Do Tricks On A Drop Through Longboard

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Drop-through longboards are not ideal for doing tricks. They have less space for footwork and often have small nose and tail, making it difficult to do manuals or pop the board up. Some drop-throughs do have kicktails, but if you’re looking to do tricks, it’s better to get a longboard specifically designed for dancing and tricks.

Can You Do Tricks On A Drop Through Longboard

Tricks You Can Do On A Drop Through Longboard

Despite the fact that drop-through longboards are not ideal for tricks, there are still some tricks you can do on them. One of the most popular tricks is a nose manual, which entails balancing on the front of the board while pushing off with your back foot.

1. Ollies

Ollies are a fundamental trick in skateboarding that can also be executed on a drop-through longboard. To perform an Ollie on a drop-through longboard, it’s important to understand the technique and the proper foot placement.

To start, place your front foot just behind the front bolts of the board, with your toes angled slightly towards the front. Your back foot should be positioned at the tail of the board with your toes hanging slightly off the edge.

Next, bend your knees and shift your weight to the back foot. As you begin to pop the board using your back foot, simultaneously slide your front foot up towards the nose of the board. This motion will create the “pop” and the lift of the board.

2. Manuals/Noseslides/Tailslides

Drop through longboards are perfect for riders looking for a stable platform and a solid board. With their low center of gravity and drop-through deck design, these boards provide excellent stability and a comfortable ride. But can you do tricks on a drop through longboard? Absolutely! Let’s explore some tricks that can be executed on these versatile boards.

Manuals are one of the tricks you can perform on a drop-through longboard. This trick involves balancing on the rear wheels while riding on only two wheels. To execute a manual, shift your weight to the back foot, slightly lift the front wheels off the ground, and maintain balance by using body positioning and subtle movements. Practice your balance and control to maintain a manual for an extended period.

3. Carving/Sliding/Drifting

Carving, sliding, and drifting are all exhilarating techniques that can be done on a drop-through longboard, providing riders with a thrilling riding experience. These maneuvers allow riders to navigate turns, control their speed, and showcase their skills. Let’s break down each technique and how to execute them effectively.

  1. Carving: Carving involves making smooth, sweeping turns while maintaining control and momentum. To carve on a drop-through longboard, shift your weight from heel to toe, using your entire body to lean into the turn. Keep your knees bent and your body low to maintain stability. Experiment with different angles and the amount of pressure applied to the board to enhance your carving ability.
  2. Sliding: Sliding is a technique that involves intentionally losing traction on the wheels and sliding sideways. One popular slide is the Coleman slide, which is performed by pre-loading the board, initiating a heelside slide, and keeping your core centered over the board. Maintain balance and use your hands to stabilize yourself during the slide. Practice sliding on open, wide areas with proper protective gear to ensure safety.
  3. Drifting: Drifting is similar to sliding but is typically done at higher speeds. It involves initiating a controlled slide around a corner while maintaining a smooth and fluid motion. To drift, transfer your weight to the inner edge of the board, initiating the slide. Use your body and feet to steer the board and maintain balance throughout the maneuver.
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Remember to wear appropriate protective gear and practice these techniques in safe environments. By mastering carving, sliding, and drifting on a drop-through longboard, riders can unlock a new level of excitement and control in their longboarding journey.

4. Downhill Tricks (Drop-Ins, Standups, Pumps)

Downhill tricks on a drop-through longboard can add excitement and style to your riding experience. Here are a few tricks you can try:

  1. Drop-Ins: Drop-ins are thrilling maneuvers that involve riding off elevated surfaces or ramps onto the downhill slope. To execute a drop-in, position your body low and centered over the board as you approach the edge. Maintain your balance and confidently lean forward as you transition onto the slope, absorbing the impact with your knees. Keep your weight distributed evenly to maintain control and stability.
  2. Standups: Standup slides are classic downhill tricks that involve performing controlled slides while remaining upright on the board. Initiate a standup slide by leaning into a turn and shifting your weight to the outer edge. Place your feet parallel and perpendicular to the board, with your knees slightly bent. Initiate the slide by applying pressure to the board using your toes and heels, causing the wheels to break traction and slide sideways. Use your body to control the slide and maintain balance throughout the maneuver.
  3. Pumps: Pumps are dynamic movements that allow you to generate speed and maintain momentum without pushing. To execute a pump on a drop-through longboard, position your feet shoulder-width apart and slightly angled towards the front. Bend your knees and use your upper body to generate momentum as you shift your weight from heel to toe and back. Engage your core muscles and use your legs to push and pull the board, propelling yourself forward while maintaining control and balance.

Tips for mastering these downhill tricks on a drop-through longboard:

  • Start with smaller slopes and gradually progress to steeper ones.
  • Wear proper protective gear, including a helmet, knee pads, and wrist guards.
  • Practice on clean and open roads or designated downhill skateboarding areas.
  • Develop a good sense of balance and body coordination to enhance control.
  • Take it slow and gradually increase your speed and difficulty level.
  • Always prioritize safety and be aware of your surroundings while performing tricks.

By mastering these downhill tricks on a drop-through longboard, you can add a whole new level of excitement and skill to your longboarding journey. Enjoy the thrill, but remember to always ride responsibly and within your skill level.

5. Dancing Moves (Shuffles, Crosssteps)

Dancing on a drop-through longboard is a delightful way to showcase your skills and style while enjoying a stable ride. These moves require precise footwork, body coordination, and a sense of rhythm. Here are two popular dancing moves, shuffles, and crosssteps, that can be executed on a drop-through longboard.

Top Dancing Moves for a Drop-Through Longboard:

  1. Shuffles: As described above, shuffles involve shifting your weight from side to side in a rhythmic motion.
  2. Crosssteps: Also explained above, crosssteps add grace and fluidity to your dancing routine.
  3. Pirouettes: These elegant spins are performed by shifting your weight onto one foot while spinning in a circular motion. It is essential to have good balance and control to execute pirouettes smoothly.
  4. Nose Manuals: A nose manual involves riding on only the front wheels of the board while balancing on your back foot. This move requires core strength, balance, and precise foot placement for control.
  5. Pivot Turns: Pivot turns are executed by shifting your weight onto your front foot, placing your back foot on the tail of the board, and pivoting the board in a smooth, controlled motion to change direction.
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When performing any dancing moves on a drop-through longboard, always prioritize safety. Wear protective gear, practice in open areas free from obstacles, and gradually progress as you build your skills and confidence. Enjoy the freedom and expression that dancing on a drop-through longboard offers!

6. Freestyle Tricks (Flip tricks, Kickflips, Heelflips)

Freestyle tricks on a drop-through longboard can take your riding style to the next level, adding excitement, flair, and creativity to your sessions. While drop-through boards are known for their stability and solid ride, they also provide a perfect platform for freestyle tricks. Here are some popular flip tricks that you can master on a drop-through longboard:

  1. Kickflips: Kickflips involve flipping the board vertically while doing an ollie. To execute a kickflip, position your feet in the usual ollie stance, slightly off-center with your back foot on the tail and your front foot near the bolts. Pop the tail down while simultaneously dragging your front foot off the nose, causing the board to flip. Use your front foot to flick the board to provide the flip motion, and then catch it with your feet and land smoothly.
  2. Heelflips: Heelflips are similar to kickflips but executed with a different foot movement. Start with the same ollie stance, but instead of flicking with your front foot from the side, use your heel to flick the board in the opposite direction, causing it to flip. Catch the board with your feet and land gracefully.
  3. Pop Shuvits: Pop shuvits involve spinning the board horizontally while in mid-air. Begin with your feet in an ollie position and pop the tail down as you would for an ollie. While the board is in the air, use your front foot to kick the board in a spinning motion. Catch the board with your feet and land with style.

These freestyle tricks require practice, precise footwork, and good board control. Always remember to wear protective gear and practice in a safe environment. With dedication and perseverance, you can master these flip tricks and take your drop-through longboarding to new heights.

Safety Tips for Doing Tricks On A Drop-Through Longboard:

When performing any kind of tricks on a drop-through longboard, safety should always be your top priority. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind when doing tricks on a drop-through board.

1. Wear Protective Gear To Avoid Injuries

When it comes to attempting tricks on a drop through longboard, safety should be your number one priority. Wearing protective gear is essential to prevent injuries and ensure a safe riding experience.

Helmets are a crucial piece of protective gear as they protect your head from potential accidents and falls. They should fit properly and securely on your head. Knee pads are important for cushioning and protecting your knees from impact during tricks. Elbow pads are designed to protect your elbows from scrapes and bruises, especially if you take a tumble. Wrist guards provide support and protect your wrists from sprains or fractures that can occur while attempting tricks.

2. Learn the Basics Before Trying Technical Tricks

Before you start attempting technical tricks on a drop-through longboard, it is important to learn the basics and have a solid foundation of fundamental skills. This not only ensures your safety but also allows for progression and a better understanding of more advanced tricks.

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Starting with basic tricks is essential as it helps you understand the mechanics and dynamics of your board. This includes getting comfortable with your board’s center of gravity and understanding how it works with a drop-through deck. These types of longboards offer a stable ride and a lower ride height, making them great for learning and practicing tricks.

Foundational skills such as pivots and sliding techniques are perfect examples of basic tricks that can pave the way to more advanced maneuvers. These skills help you develop control and stability on your board, allowing you to execute more technical riding styles in the future.


What is a drop through longboard?

Drop through longboards are a unique type of longboard where the trucks are mounted “through” the deck, rather than directly underneath. This design lowers the ride height of the board, making it easier to push, footbrake, and slide. Drop through longboards are different from regular longboards and cruiser boards in terms of their construction.

Are drop-through longboards good for cruising?

Yes, drop-through longboards are excellent for cruising. The lower ride height of these boards makes them extremely easy to push and stop, resulting in a comfortable and smooth ride, especially over longer distances. If you’re looking for a longboard designed specifically for cruising, drop throughs are a perfect choice.

Do I need special drop-through longboard trucks?

No, you can use regular longboard trucks for a drop-through setup. All you need to do is remove the hanger, mount the baseplate onto the top of the deck, and reattach the hanger. However, it’s important to note that you should use regular longboard trucks (also known as reverse-kingpin trucks) instead of skateboard (street) trucks.

Can you do tricks on a drop-through longboard?

In terms of tricks, drop-through longboards are not ideal. They generally have less space for dancing footwork and often feature a small nose/tail, making it harder to perform manuals and pop the board up. While some drop-throughs may have kick tails, if tricks are your main focus, it is recommended to consider a longboard designed specifically for dancing.

What is the difference between a drop-through and a pintail longboard?

In terms of skating, pintails offer a slightly less functional but more flowing ride compared to drop-throughs. Drop-through longboards provide the advantage of a lower ride height, making them easier to skate, especially for sliding, speed, downhill, and distance skating. On the other hand, longer pintail boards offer more foot space and, as they are top-mounted, provide a more “surfier” turn. If you are primarily interested in sliding, speed, downhill, or distance skateboarding, a drop-through longboard is recommended.


The answer is a resounding YES! You absolutely can do tricks on a drop-through longboard. So, grab your board, hit the streets, and let your creativity and skills shine. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, there’s a whole world of tricks waiting for you to explore.

So go out there and push the limits of what you thought was possible on a drop-through longboard. Get ready to amaze yourself and impress others with your tricks!

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