Skateboard Tricks List Easiest to Hardest

Skateboard Tricks List Easiest to Hardest
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Skateboard is a fun thing at all. Skateboarders’ find the love and fun on the tricks they can do with their boards. Some skills are for the beginner’s level and some for the pro and mid-level skateboarders. Things are very different at different levels. Here, we can get a description of the skateboard tricks list easiest to hardest.

However, all tricks seem difficult for the beginner to do. But, if you are determined to do the Trick, practice it until you get it. As long as you practice it that far you will go.

The skateboard tricks list easiest to hardest can be classified in 03 different stages based on the difficulty of the tricks, riders’ experience. Besides this, all the difficulty levels can be classified into 03 parts Flatland, Curbs & Rail, and transition.

Skateboard Tricks for Beginners:

Now, this is the time to find out the most beginners fit from the skateboard tricks list easiest to hardest:

  • The Ollie
  • FS 180 Ollie
  • BS 180 Ollie
  • Fakie Frontside 180 Ollie
  • Boneless
  • Shuvit
  • Pop Shuvit
  • FS Pop Shuvit
  • Manual
  • FS 50-50

The Ollie:  

The keystone of the skateboard tricks is the Ollie. This is the linking tricks for all the tricks of the skateboard. A skateboarder should try to learn the Ollie at the very beginning of his or her skateboarding.

Check the video right here and find how to do Ollie practice.

Height and the weight of the rider do not have any difficulty in doing the Ollie. Just one thing he needs is focus and practice.

How to do an Ollie for beginners?

Step 01: At first, you try Ollie on the grass or carpets if you have a problem in balancing.

Step 02: Place your back foot on the tail of the skateboard and front foot behind the front truck on deck.

Step 03: Run the wheel of your skateboard and tap the tail of the deck and loosen the front foot from the deck. But remember not to lose the contact of the deck. Practice this while you are trying to get up on an upper place like footpath from the road.

Step 04: Now, the time to Jump on the air. Just tapping the tail with the force of your weight on your foot and jump with the skateboard. While landing, only places your front foot first on the deck with a soft sliding on it from back to on the front truck.

This is all the basics of the Ollie with the skateboard. In the description, it may seem easy, but I want to assure you that you need to do a lot of practice to do the Ollie perfectly. One thing you need to keep in your mind that, always wear safety gear while practicing.

FS 180 Ollie

FS 180 Ollie is a variation of the Ollie. In this type, the basic difference is when the Ollie is done, the deck is turning in 180 degrees.

To do FS 180 Ollie, you need to tap the tail of the deck and bend down your shoulder and jump with the force of your leg. In contrast, you are floating use your front shoulder to turn round to back. To do this down your shoulder and get the force on the front shoulder and turn round. Between the jump, use your front foot to turn the board with the alignment of the body.

At the very beginning, you may not be successful in doing this type of Ollie. I will suggest you do basic ollie practice a lot to get your skill of controlling skateboard with your feet. And this is not only helpful to do the Ollie, but also it is an essential part of doing other tricks.

BS 180 Ollie

It Is just the opposite of the FS 180 Ollie.  In this Trick, the rider should use his back shoulder to turn the skateboard at the opposite direction.

A lot of skaters have a question that, how to keep the skateboard in their feet?

To staying the board with your feet, you have to be very focused and need practices a lot. When you jump for the Ollie or other stunts, you have to suck your knees with chest and use the combination of force and speed of the board to float on the air attaching with your feet.

Again you need a lot of practice to take control over skateboard!

Fakie Frontside 180 Ollie

This is one of the easiest skateboard tricks for the beginner. If the rider knows about FS or BS Ollie 180, then he or she need not put a lot of time to improve the skill.

Watch the video tutorial here:

In this Trick, you have to run your skateboard as like as you run it on backwards and turning it with 180-degree rotation with the force of your front side shoulder and feet. Learning of Ollie always depends on the user’s technical knowledge of using momentum. Sometimes a user may found to use back shoulders to turning around is more comfortable than the front shoulder, and some found the opposite is comfortable.

So, it’s the rider who will find the best fit for him.


This is one of the oldest tricks that skaters used to do in the 90’s before the Ollie has invented.

This is very basic, and it may be the 1st choice for the beginners to start their tricks practice with the skateboard.

Steps of Boneless skateboard trick are given below:

Step 01: Run your wheel of skateboard with a comfortable speed and place your back foot on the tail and the front foot on the back of the front truck.

Step 02: Grab the middle of the board between your feet with hand.

Step 03: Get off your front foot from the deck to ground and instantly use the foot to make a jump as high as you can. In the meantime, hold the deck by your hand with the touch of your foot.

Step 04: On the floating situation in the air, place your front foot on the deck of the skateboard again. Then, release it on the ground on the front side of the board first.

And practice it again again. The beauty of the boneless is how smoothly a rider can do it on the highest point of his jump!


Shuvit is a trick where the skateboard has to rotate in 180-degree without the pop on the tail. So, In this trick rider need to turn the board with the force of the feet and the momentum of the rider.

See the Shuvit video here:

A shuvit is performing by a skater on standing on the board. Even the tail of the board does not touch the ground while rotating. The basic difference between the Ollie and the Shuvit is: In Ollie, the rider rotates with the skateboard rotation. On the other hand, in Shuvit, the rider does not rotate with the skateboard.

There is also 2 variation of Shuvit. Named: Pop Shuvit & FS Pop Shuvit.

Pop Shuvit & FS Pop Shuvit

The pop shuvit is the combination of the Ollie and the Shuvit. In Pop Shuvit, the rider has to kick the tail of the board after starting the riding like Ollie. After that, with the front foot, balance the board on the air and then again kick the board to rotate on-air clockwise or anticlockwise. Frontside or Backside can perform this Pop shuvit. If the Pop Shuvit is done through Front Side, it renowned as FS Pop Shuvit.


Ah, Manual is not a trick; it just a style to run your skateboard on 02 wheels.

In this style of your riding, a rider has to run his board on back two wheels, not making any contact of tails on the ground.

How to the Trick Manual works?

Simple! Firtst, place your back foot on the back wheel and put pressure on the tail with toes. Besides this place, your front foot middle to the board to balance the board and preventing the tail from making contact with the ground. To balance your body on the board using both your hands by stretching out.

FS 50 – 50

Frontside 50-50 in short FS 50-50 is the version of Ollie one kind. In this Trick you have to run your skateboard using 50% of your skateboard truck and wheels. I mean, you have to run your board on an upper ground using one side of the skateboard.

In this Trick, the rider has to do the first part as Ollie on riding the ground where he is willing to do this. After that, he has to run his board on the ground’s corner by sliding on the trucks and wheels of the front side.

Beginners need a special kind of skateboard. Know about the best skateboard for beginners.

Skateboard Tricks for Experts

Let’s find out which one is unbreakable from the skateboard tricks list easiest to hardest:

  • Kickflip
  • FS 180 Degree Kickflip
  • BS 180 Degree Kickflip
  • 360 Degree Flip
  • FS Boardslide
  • BS Boardslide
  • Heelflip
  • Nollie Flips
  • Smith Grinds


I think the most popular Trick is this Kickflip. This is not an easy trick for a beginner. Most of the cases, the pro skaters are doing this Kickflip. Always it’s a cool trick for all the skaters, and they want to do this when they are starting there skateboarding.

To do a kickflip, you have to take your position the board as like as ollie. And start running your board on the ground. Then make the board to float on the air and spin it a 360-degree by kicking it by your foot.

Experts are always suggesting to use upper durometer wheels while doing 360-degree flips.  Not only for the flips but all the tricks needed a different kind of wheels. To know more about the best skateboard wheels for cruising & tricks follow here.

There is a lot of variations on Kickflip FS & BS 180 Degree Flips, 360 Degree Flips.

FS 180 Degree Kickflips

Frontside 180 kickflip is done by doing a 180-degree kickflip with the Ollie from the front side of the rider.

BS 180 Degree Kickflips

Backside 180 Kickflip is just the same as the FS 180 Flips, but the main difference is from the performing side of the ride. In this Trick, the rider does the flip from the backside.

360 Degree Flip

To do this a skater has to spin the skateboard for 360 degrees while doing the flip. This is one of the coolest Trick. A rider must need to have the ability to control the spin while ending the rotation of the board. There maybe have over spinning and wrong placement of board on the ground.

So, skaters need a lot of practice to get the right one. 

FS Boardslide

Frontside Boardslide is the started with Ollie and done by sliding on a smooth surface of rod and corner of any ground. A skater has to slide the board on the ground or rod with the skateboards deck. He has to balance on it until the skateboard takes off from the rod.

In FS Boardslide, the rider keeps running the skateboard from the frontside direction of it while finishing sliding.

BS Boardslide

BS Boardslide is the same as the FS boardslide, but the only difference is that rider needs to keep running the skateboard after sliding with the backside direction of it.


Heelflip is another version of the Kickflip. In Kickflip, we flip the board with a kick of our toes.

On the other hand, Heelflip is done by flip the board by the kick of heel of the front foot.

Nollie flip

Nollie flip is similar to Heelflip, but in this trick, the rider needs to use nose Ollie to flip the skateboard.

Smith Grinds

Smith grinds some kind like FS 50-50. The difference between the tricks is in Smith Grind, and the rider only uses the back Truck on the Rod or a corner.

So, let’s wrap up, it was our final skateboard tricks list easiest to hardest. Someone may find some easier tricks are harder or vice versa. It totally depends on the rider’s mode and the practice he or she is doing.

But one thing you need to mind is that you have practice a lot to do better in tricks. A lot more practice will make you perfect in doing tricks, and more perfection means more coolness.

To do tricks you need to get the best wheels on your skateboard. Learn about best wheels here.

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