Can You Put Longboard Wheels On A Skateboard

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Yes – it is possible. Before you do, you should be aware of the potential drawbacks. Longboard wheels are usually much heavier and larger than standard skateboard wheels, so they may not fit into your regular skateboard trucks and could make turning more difficult.

Additionally, longboard wheels are designed for different types of terrain and environment, which means that they may not fare as well in certain circumstances such as ramps or bowls. So while you can use longboard wheels on a skateboard, it’s generally recommended that you don’t unless you plan on riding flat surfaces only. In this case, smaller softer urethane wheels might be better suited to your needs. In the end, it’s your call on which wheel will provide you with the best performance for your style and terrain.

Can You Put Longboard Wheels On A Skateboard

Do You Need To Put Longboard Bearings On A Skateboard?

Some skateboard riders may be questioning if they should put longboard bearings on their skateboard. The answer is that while it wouldn’t hurt to try, it shouldn’t be necessary in most cases.

Longboard bearings are specifically designed to provide the extra-strong durability needed for freeriding and downhill skating, which isn’t commonly used by skateboards doing street tricks and jumps.

Usually, skateboard bearings offer enough protection and give great performance even with regular steel. However, if you find yourself using more extreme or intense riding styles, then adding longboard bearings would be a feasible step towards increased protection against dirt and moisture. They also come with higher-grade lubricants which decrease friction during hard carving sessions.

Ultimately, this decision comes down to your own discretion. Consider what type of riding you want to do and the needs of your particular skateboard setup before deciding which kind of bearing to use. Also, remember to clean and lubricate them regularly for optimal performance!

Is It Illegal To Put Longboard Wheels On A Skateboard?

It is generally not advised to put longboard wheels on a skateboard due to the risks of it being considered illegal in some jurisdictions. Longboards have different sizes and types of wheels compared to skateboards, and therefore may not be compatible with skateboard decks. In addition, as longboard and skateboard wheels provide different levels of grip and slip, riding with both types mixed together can be unsafe.

Therefore, due to legal and safety aspects, putting longboard wheels onto a skateboard should generally be avoided. For those who want to experiment with different wheel styles, purchasing a full longboard setup would be the best option. Ultimately, it’s always better safe than sorry—avoiding problems will lead to an enjoyable riding experience!

Can You Do Tricks On A Skateboard With Longboard Wheels?

Can you do tricks on a skateboard with longboard wheels? The answer is yes, but you might be limited by the size and weight of the wheels. Unfortunately, due to their larger size and softer material, you’ll likely experience wheel bite when performing some of your tricks. While you may manage basic tricks like ollies and shuvits, attempting more advanced tricks such as drops or stairs is not recommended in this setup.

However, skateboards with longboard wheels can still be helpful. Longboards are great for leisurely cruising along rough concrete surfaces and offer extra stability while having fun in the bowl. So while they don’t offer much in terms of tricks, they’re perfect for rides that require stability and comfort!

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Why Do Different Wheel Types Matter?

Understanding the variety of different Wheel Types available is essential for choosing appropriate skateboard wheels. From classic clay and steel wheels to modern polyurethane ones, each type offers distinct advantages depending on your skating style.

Tailor-made for professional skaters, polyurethane skateboard wheels are an excellent option due to their impeccable absorption capacity and durability. Each Wheel Type has two main aspects to consider: diameter and durometer.

The diameter of a wheel in this context simply indicates its size; while the durometer is essentially a measure of the hardness inside the material that makes up the wheel itself.

The higher the durometer rating (which can range from A to D), the harder it will be for the rider, making it ideal for tricks like grinding on ledges or doing slides. So, if you’re looking for a good all-around board choice or planning to dedicate some time to learning specific tricks, pay attention to this data point!

Knowing the differences between soft and hard skateboard Wheels will help increase your performance capabilities and open up some unique possibilities in terms of style.

Better Bearings Improve Your Performance

If you want to have the best performance with your skateboard, you need better bearings. While they may all look the same, they shouldn’t be treated as such. Low-quality bearings can make your wheels underperform and are more likely to break down sooner than expected.

For this reason, it’s recommended that you invest in a high-quality set of bearings for 50 dollars or more – something like Bones Swiss bearings or even Bones Reds – rather than using the stock ones that come with your skateboard. Doing this will help your performance and also make them last a few years with proper maintenance – cleaning and lubricating.

When cleaning your bearings two to four times per year, use a specifically designed skate lubricant to get the best results. Apart from that product, there are also quite a few alternatives around the house that you can take advantage of. So do some research on how best to clean and maintain your bearings!

The Pros And Cons Of Putting Longboard Wheels On A Skateboard

Putting longboard wheels on a skateboard has some great advantages, as well as a few downsides too. As long as you understand how to mount your wheels for the best setup, you can make an informed decision about whether it’s right for you.


The main advantage of putting longboard wheels on a skateboard is that they provide more stability and comfort.

1. Longboard Wheels Are Great For Cruising

Longboard wheels are uniquely suited to cruising around town, traveling to work or school, and getting to the skatepark. They’re larger than traditional skateboard wheels which helps them keep their speed and roll faster. Additionally, they have a softer durometer level which gives you a comfortable ride experience.

The bigger size of a longboard wheel helps keep it rolling at speed for longer periods of time, and the softer durometer makes for a smooth ride no matter where you go. There’s something special about having longboard wheels on your board for cruising that can’t be matched – you’ll never want to go back!

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2. Rough Concrete Will Feel Like Butter

If you are an avid longboarder, then you know the pains of having to take on the rough concrete that’s often encountered during your rides. But the good news, with longboard wheels featuring a soft durometer between 78a and 87a, even the roughest streets will feel like butter! This is because they reduce vibrations from bumps and cracks on concrete surfaces, resulting in an incredibly smooth ride.

So whether you’re looking for a peaceful cruise or trying to get somewhere quickly, longboard wheels will make sure you don’t have to worry about any unpleasant vibrations or bumps that might otherwise be uncomfortable. With this kind of protection, rough concrete won’t be a problem!

3. The Larger Wheels Will Hold Speed Well

Having bigger wheels on your skateboard will help you maintain your speed for a longer amount of time. That’s because larger longboard-style wheels are capable of building up more speed and then holding it. Accelerating is a bit slower with larger wheels, but once they get going it becomes easier for them to maintain their momentum than smaller ones.

Large wheels provide greater stability at higher speeds and can sustain that speed without needing to push as much. This means that if you’re looking for a smoother ride that will let you reach faster speeds and hold them longer, then the larger the better. Natures Nutrition’s Larger Wheels will give you the performance benefits of reaching and maintaining speed effortlessly!


The main downside of putting longboard wheels on a skateboard is that they are heavier and less responsive than traditional skateboard wheels.

1. Riser Pads May Throw Off Your Balance

Riser pads can throw off your balance, particularly if you aren’t used to them yet. That’s because they and their larger wheels will lift your body higher off the ground than what you’re usually accustomed to.

This is definitely a bit disorienting at first, and it may take some time for you to get used to these new conditions – meaning that during this adjustment period, things may feel a bit wobbly.

Don’t let this stop you from enjoying the ride though – with enough practice and attention paid to proper form, you’ll eventually become comfortable on any board with riser pads!

2. Wheel Bite Is Going To Happen

Wheel bite is something that you have to consider if you’re putting longboard wheels onto a regular skateboard. Although the riser pads help, leaning hard into turns will still cause your deck and wheel to touch; and in some cases, this wheel bite will stop you very quickly – and send you flying!

So, if you don’t want to take that risk when using longboard wheels with a skateboard, then be proactive and choose to kick turn instead of leaning too hard when turning. That way, you can reduce your chances of experiencing wheel bite.

If you’re aware that this might happen and prepare appropriately, then it should be easy enough to dodge any potential disaster. All you have to do is stay alert, pay attention and make sure that your technique is on point!

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3. Tricks Will Be Much Harder To Do

If you’re used to skateboarding with a regular setup, you’re going to find that tricks are much harder to perform if you use longboard wheels. That’s because the larger, heavier, and softer wheels make it difficult for trick moves like popping an ollie or spinning out of rotational ones such as the 360s or 180s.

This is due to the extra friction between the wheels and the ground. Longboard wheels stick so that they require a lot more force than regular skateboard wheels. This means that it will take much more effort to make them slide, making tricks almost impossible.

It’s great if you want a comfortable ride that can handle speed and get you around town in style, but when it comes down to doing techniques or shredding in any bowl, this is not the best idea. If this is your goal instead of cruising, then I recommend looking into finding the best skateboard wheels set up for tricks and skating on the pavement.


Are Skateboard Wheels And Longboards The Same?

Skateboards and longboards are used for the same purpose. Skateboard wheels tend to be smaller and harder than longboard wheels. Longboard wheels are designed for smoother, faster rides. Wheel hardness and size determine the best use for each board.

What Do You Call A Skateboard With Long Wheels?

Cruisers have wheels up to 65mm. Longboards have up to 80mm big rollers. Regular skateboards can have cruiser wheels and riser pads. Getting a longboard is the only way to get the look of a longboard.

Why Are Different Types Of Wheels Important?

Different types of wheels are essential for getting the most out of skateboarding. Wheel types determine speed, smoothness, and skating locations. Smaller wheels with softer material work on rough terrain. Harder wheels provide stability for smoother surfaces and higher speeds. Identify what works best for your own style and gear.

Do Any Wheels Fit On A Skateboard?

Wheels fit on a skateboard. Research is important before settling on one. Wheel types make a big difference in performance. Understand what fits best with your own skateboard.

Can I Change The Wheels On My Skateboard?

Can change the wheels on your skateboard. It is a way to customize and improve the feel of your ride. Switching out your wheels can make a huge difference in smoothness and responsiveness. Helps increase overall confidence on a board.


Longboard wheels can be used on a skateboard in some circumstances and for certain purposes. For speed, smoothness, or higher carrying capacities, longboard wheels can often be the better choice over traditional skateboard wheels. However, it is important to note that longboard wheels require an increased width in the trucks to fit them properly.

Additionally, understanding the various varieties of wheel designs and materials available can help you make an informed decision when selecting the right wheel for your skateboarding needs.

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