Can You Skateboard With Converse?

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Yes, you can skateboard with Converse. The iconic Chuck Taylors are well-known to be a favorite among many skateboarders over the years. In addition, Converse offers skateboard-specific shoes in their CONS line, designed specifically for skateboarding.

Cons traction Rubber is used to make the soles and rubber backing so that skaters get the improved durability, grip, and flexibility they need while they’re skating. This not only adds more comfort during your ride but also keeps your feet from slipping on any terrain and provides an overall better skating experience.

So if you’re looking for a pair of shoes for skateboarding, consider getting a pair of Chuck Taylors or one of the models from the Converse CONS line. After all, it is one of the most beloved brands when it comes to this extreme sport!

Can You Skateboard With Converse

Are Converse Shoes Good for Skateboarding?

If you’re in the market for skateboarding shoes, there’s no better option than Converse. For decades, Converse has been the classic brand for skateboarders. Their entire line of CONS sneakers is designed specifically for skateboarding, with features like lightweight materials and flexibility that help you land tricks.

Not only that, but a wide range of Converse shoes makes them suitable for any style of skating–from technical street skating to bowl/park riding. Their signature vulcanized rubber soles provide a superior grip and board feel, making it easier to stay balanced when you’re pushing into grinds and slides.

No matter what kind of skateboarding you’re into, you can be sure that Converse will have something great for your feet.

History of Converse Shoes in Skateboarding

Converse got its start with basketball shoes. Skaters looked for a shoe with a similar degree of control and found the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star to fit the bill perfectly.

As skateboarding gained popularity, other shoemakers catered specifically to skaters, and Converse fell out of fashion. In 2009, Converse established the CONS line, designed specifically for skateboarding.

CONS provide a classic Converse-style look with features that make them ideal for skateboarding, surpassing the original Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

Why Converse Shoes are Good for Skating

When it comes to shoes for skating, the go-to choice is Converse. It’s easy to see why: Their elasticized mesh gusset makes them breathable and comfortable, while their reinforced toe caps provide optimal protection and durability when performing tricks like flips or 360s.

Plus, they’re lightweight – something that’s key in both short and long-distance skating. What’s more, light shoes also aid in increased speed as well as breathability and comfort.

All of these features make Converse shoes perfect for skating! Whether you’re looking for a trusted shoe brand or something that will keep up with your active lifestyle on the board, Converse has exactly what you need.

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When it comes to finding a skate shoe that can provide you with the protection and support you need, look no further than Converse shoes. Not only do they have plenty of reinforcement for your toes, but they also come with extra padding at the heel collar to keep your foot in place while performing tricks.

Additionally, these shoes are sturdily constructed, with double stitching designed to hold up against rougher terrain.

Converse shoes also offer features such as stable edges, ample ankle support, and skid-resistant soles which help prevent you from sliding off skate rails or boards as you maneuver.

Moreover, even after long skating sessions these shoes retain their comfort level so your feet don’t become sore or fatigued. Lastly, using high-quality materials allow Converse shoes to last longer compared to other types of skatewear!

Types of Converse Shoes Good for Skating (Leather, Suede)

Skaters looking for the best Converse shoes should opt for leather or suede. Mid tops offer leather lining with thick padding, giving your feet more protection, while also providing extra ankle support. These sneakers are perfect for lighter skateboarding and hold up to wear and tear better than low-tops.

Although they may take a bit of time to properly break in, going up half a size can work wonders if you don’t have the luxury of extra time on your hands. Just be mindful that suede isn’t the best option during warmer months due to sweat accumulation without ventilation.

Types of Converse Bad for Skating (Canvas)

Canvas Converse shoes are an absolute no-no for skateboarding. And it’s not hard to see why – the canvas is a much lighter material than the traditional suede type, which makes them less durable and likely to rip over time. For skateboarders, this isn’t ideal, as they need both ankle and toe support while skating.

Canvas Converse simply doesn’t have enough to offer in terms of durability or support. That’s why skaters should stay away from wearing lace-up Converse trainers made of the canvas when training or competing in competitions. It’s just not worth it in the long run!

How to Choose a Converse Style for Skating?

When it comes to skateboarding, the type of Converse style you choose can have a huge impact on your performance. High-top skateboards are great for aspiring skaters as they offer more stability and support than low-tops. They also come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors so you can customize them to your liking.

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Low-Top skateboard shoes provide enhanced grip on your board due to the extra material used and are designed with a low top for better maneuverability when making sharp turns. However, low-tops do not offer as much stability so new skaters may find them tiring.

When deciding which Converse style works best for you, consider the level of control you need and how comfortable you want to be while executing tricks. With a good pair of converse on your feet, you’ll feel effortlessly cool and confident while showing off your awesome skills!

Choosing the right Converse style of skate shoes for skating can be tricky. That’s why it’s important to have the right information when making a decision.

Mid-tops are a popular choice, as they have become well known for their versatility — they can seamlessly transition between different activities and sports. They are also easier to clean if you end up getting messy while participating in various activities or sports.

Slip-on Converse styles have become particularly popular among teenage girls and young women who love being able to choose from an array of colors and sizes offered by the “slip-on kit.” Not only that but slip-ons are perfect for people who skate at their local parks and just want something that is easy and quick to put on – street, vert, old school, etc. The diverse range of colors and styles makes it easy for everyone to find the look they desire.

How to Choose Converse for Skating?

If you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes for your skating needs, then look no further than Converse. Not only are they iconic and of the highest quality, but they also provide several benefits depending on your individual skating style.

Whether you’re longboarding, inline skating, speed skating, or roller derby skates, there’s a Converse shoe ideal for whatever kind of tricks you may be doing. If stability is what you need, they offer lightweight and supportive sneakers that help maximize performance. For cushioning, some shoes offer soft foam pads to soften the impact of falls.

Choose your Converse wisely and take into consideration both the design and material along with its sole -all components necessary for your skate needs! With all the options available today, you can trust that the perfect pair will help elevate your game to the next level!

If you’re looking to buy some new Converse shoes or jeans for skateboarding, it’s important to be sure that your shoes are equipped with the right protective gear. Quality skateboard protection is essential, even if you’re just going out for a casual skate.

Converse’s Vulcanizing Rubber soles ensure maximum comfort and flexibility without any marks on your feet, but there are a few other features that must be taken into consideration when choosing the perfect pair of Converse shoes for skating.

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The Protec Heel Guards by Converse provide an extra layer of protection in case of any unexpected accidents out on the board. They are highly durable and boast a sleek design. When it comes to toe caps, you should opt for either rubber, resin, leather, or neoprene depending on the look you’re going for – rubber or resin are both vintage-style, neoprene is more casual and leather is contemporary-looking with a sleek finish.

Foxing tape is a revolutionary product that adds another level of protection to your sneakers by keeping them clean and intact from dirt and wear and tear. Moreover, the elastic gusset in the skate shoe helps spread pressure over a larger area making it more resilient while also using high-quality non-toxic material.


What Size Of Converse Do I Need For Skateboarding?

Converse shoes tend to fit larger than the standard size, and Converse says they are about half a size bigger. If you usually buy larger shoes, try going down a full size for your Converse.

Are Converse Shoes Good For Skateboarding?

Yes, Converse shoes are great for skateboarding. They offer a variety of features that make them ideal for skating, such as Vulcanizing Rubber soles, Protec Heel Guards, and Foxing tape.

What Type Of Protection Do Converse Shoes Provide?

Converse shoes provide a variety of protective features such as Vulcanizing Rubber soles, Protec Heel Guards, and Foxing tape to help keep your feet safe while skateboarding.

Are Converse Shoes Durable For Skateboarding?

Yes, Converse shoes are designed to be highly durable and can withstand the wear and tear that comes with skateboarding.

Do I Need To Buy Special Accessories For My Converse Shoes When Skateboarding?

It is recommended to buy additional protective gear such as toe caps, foxing tape, or heel guards in order to ensure maximum safety while skating with your Converse shoes.


No matter if you’re skating in the open park or just cruising around town, Converse shoes are a great option to get skateboarding with. They offer flexibility and grip on a variety of surfaces, as well as design options to fit any personality.

Whether you’re looking for fashion and function in one package, or just want something comfortable while you ride – Converse has something that fits the bill. So go ahead, make your mark on your board: let that chase after greatness begin today!

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