Are Longboard And Skateboard Bearings The Same

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No, skateboard and longboard bushings are not the same. They may have similar functions and are both used in the trucks of the boards, but they have different sizes and characteristics. Skateboard bushings are typically smaller and harder, while longboard bushings are larger and softer to provide more stability and maneuverability.

Are Longboard And Skateboard Bearings The Same

The Fundamentals of Longboard & Skateboard Bearings

Skateboard and longboard bearings are essential components that allow the wheels to roll smoothly and efficiently. If you’re wondering whether longboard and skateboard bearings are the same, the answer is yes! Both types of bearings share similar designs, sizes, materials, construction methods, and performance capabilities.

1. Easy Installation:

Installing bearings on your skateboard or longboard wheels is a straightforward process. Simply push the bearings into the wheels until they are fully seated. This convenience allows for easy swapping between different sets of skateboard bearings.

2. Bearing Components:

Skateboard bearings consist of an inner and outer race, ball bearings, and bearing shields. On the other hand, longboard bearings have an additional shield placed at the top and bottom, providing extra protection against debris and dirt.

3. Standard Size:

Both skateboard and longboard bearings have a standard size across all bearing or wheel manufacturers. This interchangeability is a significant advantage, as it allows you to easily switch your bearings from one set to another without compatibility issues.

4. Outer Ring:

The outer ring of the bearings, which experiences the most pressure, can be made of steel, ceramic, or titanium. A protective shield is placed over the outer ring to prevent dust, grime, and moisture from entering the bearing.

5. Inner Ring:

The inner ring, positioned on the axle, provides a secure grip on the wheel, ensuring it remains in place during rides. Typically made from strong materials like steel or brass, the inner ring contributes to the stability and performance of the bearings.

6. Ball Retainer:

The upper ring of the bearings features 7 to 8 balls, allowing for smooth rolling. It is crucial to choose bearings with well-made and high-quality balls to ensure optimal performance. Damaged balls can affect the smoothness and functionality of the upper ring.

Why You Need Skateboard Bearings On Your Longboards & Skateboards?

Skateboard and longboard bearings are important components that contribute to a smooth and efficient ride. Here is the reason why skateboard bearings are necessary for your longboards and skateboards:

  • Smooth Ride: Bearings are the key to a smooth ride on both longboards and skateboards. They reduce friction between the wheels and the axles, allowing for effortless gliding and increased speed. Whether you’re cruising around town or performing tricks, high-quality bearings ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride.
  • Speed and Performance: Skateboard and longboard bearings play a significant role in achieving faster speeds. The precision and accuracy of the bearings, measured by the ABEC system, determine how smoothly and swiftly the wheels can revolve. Higher ABEC ratings indicate bearings with better roll and faster speeds.
  • Compatibility: The great advantage of skateboard and longboard bearings is their universal size. They are interchangeable, meaning you can easily switch between different types of boards without worrying about compatibility. This flexibility allows you to customize your ride with different wheels, trucks, or complete setups.
  • Durability: Bearings need to withstand the constant pressures and impacts experienced during skateboarding and longboarding. Fortunately, both skateboard and longboard bearings are constructed using durable materials such as steel or ceramic. This ensures they can handle the demands of tricks, jumps, and rough terrains, providing long-lasting performance.
  • Low Maintenance: Skateboard and longboard bearings require minimal maintenance. With occasional cleaning and lubrication, you can keep them in great shape, ensuring optimal performance and extending their lifespan. Regular maintenance also prevents dirt, dust, and debris from entering the bearings, which can affect their smoothness and functionality.
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Is there a Difference Between Longboard Bearings And Skateboard Bearin’

Skateboard and longboard bearings are very similar, with only minor differences. The primary difference lies in the width of the bearings, which is determined by the type of board you choose.

The size of the wheel bearings is the same for both longboards and skateboards. However, the width of the bearings can vary. For skateboards, the standard width is 8mm x 8mm. On the other hand, longboard bearings have a width of 8mm x 10mm.

The axle diameter also plays a role in determining the bearing spacers. Skateboard trucks typically have a standard axle diameter of 8mm. It’s important to check the length of the spacers to ensure they meet the UCI standards.

In terms of functionality, both longboard and skateboard bearings are designed to provide a smooth ride. The choice between the two depends on the rider’s personal preference and the style of riding they prefer.

Bearing spacers and speed washers

Bearing spacers and speed washers are crucial components in both longboard and skateboard setups. A bearing spacer is a metal cylinder that fits between the bearings in the wheel, while speed washers are placed between the bearings and the axle nuts or the truck’s hanger.

These spacers and washers play a significant role in improving the lifespan and performance of the bearings. Bearing spacers reduce the weight distributed between the bearings and ensure proper alignment under pressure, particularly during slides. This alignment enhances the smoothness and consistency of slides.

Furthermore, bearing spacers enable you to fully tighten the axle nuts without restricting wheel rotation. Without these spacers, the wheels won’t be able to rotate freely, impacting performance and maneuverability.

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Speed washers add another layer of protection and enhance stability by reducing friction between the bearings and the nuts or hangers. They allow for smoother wheel rotation, resulting in a more responsive and enjoyable ride.

Why Are Bearing Spacers Important?

Bearing spacers play a crucial role in optimizing the performance and lifespan of skateboard and longboard bearings. These small yet essential components are placed between the wheels on the axle, ensuring that the bearings are properly aligned for smooth rotation.

By maintaining proper alignment, bearing spacers prevent undesired friction within the bearings, allowing for a smoother and more efficient wheel rotation. This alignment also ensures that the ball and outer races of the bearings are properly aligned, further reducing friction and improving overall performance.

Properly sized bearing spacers help align the bearings parallel between the wheels, enabling the fastest rotation with minimal friction. This alignment is crucial as it allows the wheels to rotate freely, enhancing responsiveness and maneuverability.


Are Longboard and Skateboard Bearings the Same?

Skateboarding and longboarding are both incredibly popular outdoor activities that require high-quality bearings for a smooth and fast ride. Many people wonder if the bearings used in skateboards and longboards are the same. In this article, we will explore the similarities and differences between these two types of bearings.

Are Skateboard Bearings Faster Than Longboard Bearings?

The speed of both skateboard and longboard bearings depends on the ABEC standard rating system. This rating system measures the precision and performance of the bearings. Contrary to popular belief, a higher ABEC rating does not necessarily mean faster bearings. In fact, most skateboard and longboard bearings fall within the ABEC 1-9 range, with ABEC 7 being the most common. Therefore, there is no significant difference in speed between skateboard and longboard bearings based on their ABEC rating.

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Do All Bearings Fit All Longboards?

Yes, all bearings are compatible with the size of the wheels, allowing them to fit easily on all longboards. However, it is essential to invest in high-quality bearings for optimal speed and rotation. Cheaper bearings may not offer the same level of performance and may require more maintenance and replacement over time.

Can You Use Skateboard Bearings on a Longboard?

Yes, skateboard and longboard bearings are interchangeable as they are typically made of the same steel or ceramic material. Both types of bearings have a 7mm diameter, allowing them to fit in the same wheel cores. This interchangeability provides convenience for riders who own both skateboards and longboards.

Are All Longboard Bearings the Same Size?

Yes, all longboard bearings have the same measurements: 8mm for the inner diameter, 22mm for the outer diameter, and 7mm for the breadth (width). Longboards typically require two bearings per wheel, which are spaced apart by a bearing spacer inside the wheel. However, it is crucial to ensure that the bearings are of high quality and properly maintained for optimal performance.

Do All Bearings Fit All Skateboard Wheels?

Yes, all skateboard wheel bearings fit all skateboard wheels. However, it’s important to note that not all bearings are the same size. The size of the bearing you need will depend on the size of your wheel and truck axle.


While longboard and skateboard bearings may have some similarities, they are not the same. Understanding the differences between the two can help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right bearings for your specific riding style and preferences.

Whether you’re a longboarder or a skateboarder, investing in high-quality bearings can greatly enhance your riding experience and overall performance. So, take the time to research and choose the right bearings for your needs, and enjoy the smooth and fast ride they can provide.

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