Skateboards vs Longboards

Transportation from one place to another has significantly increased in current times. For this reason, the mode of commuting has increased and taken new turns as well. For youngsters of this generation, one popular mode of transport is the usage of either Longboards or Skateboards, and here arises the confusion between them. Skateboards vs Longboards” what are actually differences between them? Which board is perfect for you?

Whether you are interested in owning one of these boards simply for the fun and thrill of riding or you wish to use it for traveling purposes, our post today will help you know more about these two boards. These boards are similar in many aspects but not the same! If you are keen on knowing what makes them different from each other then read on to find out as we take a closer look at their specifications in detail.

What is Skateboard?

Let us start with the most common board, a skateboard which is sometimes also known as a shortboard”. Skateboards come in different sizes which are most typically confined to being 28 to 36 inches in length only (although you can get boards that are much shorter in length), hence the term shortboard”.


Skateboards generally have the tail and the nose in a slightly curved design that helps with trying out basic tricks and jumps. 


The deck of the board should be of hard quality wood or bamboo because that gives the board enough strength and durability.

If by chance you find the board to be made of plastic, know that it is not a skateboard anymore, but instead called a Pennyboard”. Penny boards are much cheaper but less durable. However, you may still be able to find some well-made boards that have high-grade plastic decks.

Trucks of a Skateboard

Moving on to the building of a skateboard that highly determines the structure of the entire product, we now have the trucks”.

If you look at the underside of your board, you will find a T-shaped rod, which is connected to the two wheels on each side. This metal rod is one of the two trucks on one side of your skateboard.

The purpose of the trucks is to keep the wheels and bearings well secured. Other than the safety of the parts, the size of the trucks and the axles, hangers, bushings, and kingpins it supports highly determine the performance of your board.

Not all trucks are the same size. The size of the trucks depends on the size of your board. Typically you will require 7.45 to 8.5 inches trucks to go smoothly for street cruising. Some skateboard brands will also let you choose the different colors of trucks you can choose. 

Wheels of a Skateboard

These are the real deals of any board. The wheels are meant for support, durability, speed and to show off great tricks and skills. Typical skateboard wheels will be made of high-quality urethane and they will come off in various shapes and sizes that complement your particular skateboard. The wheels also affect the style of skating you want to do. Know the details about skateboard wheels.


The size of a general skateboarding wheel should be around 50 to 60 millimeters, with a durometer (hardness) of about 99a to 100a durometer rating.

If you are willing to try out ramping or grinding, we’d recommend going for medium hard wheels around 96a to 99a durometer rating. Also, make sure to ask your skateboard retailer if you need to purchase additional bearings for your wheels to ensure smoother performance.


  • Cheaper than longboards
  • Easy to learn tricks on due to the compact size
  • Easy portability.


  • Not enough space for footing. This may cause discomfort for riders who are still learning the sport.
  • Maybe a little trickier to learn to ride on than longboards

What are Longboards?

A more versatile invention that branched out from the common skateboard is the longboard. Longboards are generally much longer in length than your typical skateboard, ranging from around as short as 28 inches to even 59 inches. So, depending on your choice of length, it can even be much shorter than a skateboard!


Unlike a standard skateboard, the shape of a longboard can vary quite a lot, and it greatly affects the kind of boarding style you have in mind.

First and foremost, let us start with the most basic shape; Pintail”. The tail is pointy and the nose is blunt.

If we had to only comprise just a few of the shapes in short, next would be the Speedmount” which is sometimes also called Topmount”, where both ends are usually pointier.

Other than these two examples, there are tons of different shapes, all that determine the performance your board will give you.

Trucks of a Longboard

Similar to skateboarding trucks, the ones you will find on a longboard will not seem to be much different when it comes to the purpose it serves.

But other than its purpose, the trucks of a longboard are very different than their more standard counterparts. The hangers of the trucks of a longboard are much wider in size, in order to ensure more mobility for the user. Hence the trucks cannot be interchangeable between the two different boards.

Similar to the previous truck’s description of a skateboard, the extra parts of the truck are still the same for a longboard, but maybe differ in size and shape as well as color.

Wheels of a Longboard

The wheels of a longboard are the most revered part of its entire building, because not only do they allow you to move with lots of mobility but also help you to put up speed or slow down.

Now, unlike how you usually ride a skateboard by having to push back with your foot from time to time, a longboard will self-maneuver itself using only your body weight. Hence, the wheels on a longboard need to be much more durable than a typical skateboard.

This is why the wheels are made of polyurethane. This provides a much softer edge to the wheels, letting you easily put as much as pressure required. The wheels are also much bigger in size. The contact paper” of your wheels should also be wide so that it allows you to make proper contact with pavements without much resistance so your speed doesn’t decrease.


The diameter of a longboard wheel is measured in millimeters. The most common diameter size for a longboard wheel is to be around 65mm to 75mm. This ensures balanced speed and acceleration. But 54mm to 59mm is preferred for beginners. 

The durometer for your longboard wheels should be around 75a to 90a. The core of your wheel should be of high-quality plastic that allows the heat from all the high-speed skating to be distributed evenly without making the wheels melt.


  • Easy to commute on with using only bodyweight.
  • Safer to use because of the wider space for footing.
  • Provides more mobility.
  • Great for new riders


  • Heavier in weight.
  • More costly than a skateboard

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Let’s Wrap Up the conflicts Between Skateboards vs Longboards!

So that was it! You might have noticed that there wasn’t much difference between the two boards but there are still some significant differences that result in a diversity of performance and usage. We hope the differences and similarities we’ve pointed out for you will help you to wipe out all confusion on this ‘Skateboards vs Longboards’ dilemma and also help you to find out the best suits for you. After that, you have to choose the best skateboard or the best longboard to get the top feelings of skateboarding!

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