What Are Skateboard Trucks Made Of? A Complete Guide

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Skateboard trucks are typically made of aluminum, but other materials like brass, titanium, steel, and nylon can also be used. When looking for a high-quality skateboard truck, aluminum is the best choice due to it being lightweight, strong, and lasting. It also has better grinding properties than other materials which makes for a much better riding experience.

Steel, while heavier and stronger than aluminum and will last longer, can cause your skateboard deck to become slow due to its extra weight. Depending on your needs, you can select the right material for your skateboard trucks.

What Are Skateboard Trucks Made Of

What is the Best Material for Skateboard Trucks?

Aluminum is the ideal material to use when it comes to skateboard trucks. Aluminum is light and grinds easily and, therefore, is ideal for high-end skateboards. Other metal alloys such as steel, magnesium, and titanium are also used by some manufacturers.

Despite this, some amazingly strong nylon skateboard trucks exist on the market today. While not as durable or fast-grinding as those made from metal alloys, these nylon trucks can still outlast a variety of different materials and offer a great riding experience.

How to Make Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard trucks can be manufactured by two methods: die casting or gravity casting. To create a skate truck, two molds must be used to achieve the desired shape.

For a durable, light, and sturdy truck, both an upper and a base mold must be stacked on top of each other and filled with an aluminum metal mix.

1. Gravity Casting:

Gravity casting is a process used to create skateboard trucks which are known for their renowned sturdiness. Gravity-casting is the technique of filling a mold with metal by allowing the mixture to be drawn in by gravity.

In contrast to other methods, metal is carefully poured into the mold, making sure every corner is filled to prevent air bubbles from appearing in the end product.

Although this approach is more time-consuming than other techniques, it ensures that the trucks produced will be robust. Additionally, it offers an advantage over die-cast trucks because of its advanced solidity and weight distribution.

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Advantages of Using Gravity Casting:

Gravity Casting has several advantages when compared to other casting techniques. One of the main benefits is that this method prevents air bubbles from forming in the molds, resulting in a smoother finish and a more durable product.

This makes Gravity Casting ideal for producing items such as trucks, which need to be strong and durable.

2. Die Casting:

Die Casting is an integral part of skateboard truck manufacturing. By using this process, metal can be pushed into tight spaces with great accuracy and repeatability.

It involves intense pressure to push the metal mix into a mold which speeds up the production process significantly. As a result, producers can create desired forms in much less time.

Advantages of Using Die Casting Method

One of the major advantages of using the Die casting method is its speed. This manufacturing process is much faster than other methods, so it saves time and money when producing large batches of trucks. It produces precise results with thin edges and corners that match each batch exactly.

Die casting also offers unparalleled consistency from batch to batch – meaning you can be sure that each truck will have an exact shape and pattern every time.

Skateboard Truck Parts:

Skateboard trucks are composed of several parts that all come together to create a sturdy and reliable ride. A base plate, kingpin, hanger, kingpin nut, and no less than bushings and washers are the requisite components when it comes to making a safe truck.

1. Kingpin:

The kingpin is a key component of most skateboard trucks. It’s a bolt that connects the hanger to the base plate and typically has a nut at the upper end which can be replaced when necessary.

The kingpin can also be hollowed out, to reduce its weight and make it more maneuverable on the board. Without the kingpin, skating wouldn’t be possible!

2. Baseplate:

The base plate is an essential part of a skateboard truck and serves as its foundation. It is attached to the board with four bolts, making it the first layer of protection for your skateboard setup.

Not only that but the kingpin and pivot cup are both located on the baseplate, which gives you more control when riding your skateboard.

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3. Bushings:

Bushings are a crucial part of skateboard trucks. They are made from polyurethane and the purpose of bushings is to provide support between the base plate, the kingpin, and the hanger.

It’s important to note that they come in various levels of firmness and can be easily changed with a skating tool.

4. Hanger:

The hanger is an essential part of your skateboard truck. The pivot cup is located at the bottom of the baseplate to keep it secure. The hanger is connected to the base plate by a kingpin and bushings. This part of the truck is key when it comes to grinding.

Without a solid hanger, you won’t get proper movement across different surfaces and can slow down your speed when performing tricks or transitioning from one surface to another.

5. Washer:

Washers are an important part of any skateboard truck setup, serving to return the board to its original position after it has been turned and to spread the forces pressing on the board evenly.

Without washers, your skateboard set-up will not give you the best performance and may cause instability or even damage when trying to perform tricks.

6. Speedrings:

Speed rings are an essential part of skateboard trucks. These small washers, the same size as the core of your bearings, have a crucial role in keeping everything running smoothly.

They fit between the bearings and hangers, as well as between the bearings and axle nuts, and act like shields to prevent the bearings from rubbing against other truck parts.

7. Axle:

The axle is an essential part of any skateboard truck. It’s a continuous bar made from titanium or steel that extends through the hanger and holds your wheels and bearings in place.

It’s easy to re-thread the axle if the thread gets worn down; just use a skate tool. It is one of the most durable parts of a skateboard and will make sure your setup runs smoothly for years to come!

8. Axle Nuts:

Axle nuts are essential components of a skateboard truck setup. They are the nuts that are used to attach the axle to the wheels, thus allowing them to be installed onto the board and enabling it to roll.

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What Trucks Do Pro Skaters Use?

Many professional skateboarders love the Hollow Lights II trucks by Thunder Trucks. These trucks are ideal for skateboarding as they offer lightweight construction and a forged baseplate for added impact resistance.

Many pros swear by Thunder Trucks due to their impressive durability, allowing them to focus on perfecting their tricks without worrying about damaging the truck.

With excellent performance and reliable strength, Thunder Trucks have become a popular choice among professional skateboarders looking for optimum control.


Are Skateboard Trucks Aluminum?

Most skateboard trucks are composed of aluminum. Aluminum is light, decomposable, and can do grinds well. Riding with aluminum trucks will give you a better experience.

Are Skateboard Trucks Steel?

Skateboard trucks are commonly made from aluminum or steel, using the components of a hanger, baseplate, and kingpin to craft the metal into shape.

How Heavy is a Skateboard Truck?

Independents trucks are made of strong and sturdy materials which make them relatively heavier when compared to other brands. Typically, these truck models weigh around 4 pounds, though some may weigh slightly more or less than that.

Will Skateboard Trucks Rust?

When not properly cleaned and stored, especially after exposure to moisture, metal components such as decks, trucks, kingpins, bolts, bearings, axles, and other hardware can become vulnerable to rusting and corrosion.


Skateboard trucks are made of many different materials, each playing an important role in the overall performance of the truck. From metal to plastic, these components work together to ensure your ride is smooth, comfortable, and most importantly – safe!

Aluminum is a popular choice among more experienced riders who want something lightweight and durable, while steel or composite trucks are always an excellent choice for beginners. No matter which option you choose, remember that having the right skateboarding set-up will make all the difference in your ride.

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