How Long Should A Skateboard Be?

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For everyone, it is undoubtedly necessary to pick the right skateboard. The question is How long should a skateboard be?

Yes, all are related to the question, How long should a skateboard be? Choosing the right skateboard depends on a lot of factors, but here are 03 factors that are more important when a rider is choosing it. These factors are:

  • The riding style of riders
  • The weight and body height of the rider
  • Shoe size of the rider
How Long Should A Skateboard Be

Skateboard size on riding style:

Riders’ riding style is the 1st factor, and this is the main factor while selecting a skateboard. There are different types of skateboards, and these are named differently. Skateboards can be classified as :


This type is the smallest one. The shortboard is basically for the tricks and flips. While you are learning skateboarding, then this board is perfect for you. It is the board for park and street skating. Shortboard lengths fall between 22″-32″.  The shortboard’s weight is lighter than the longboard, and a rider needs a lighter weight for doing his tricks efficiently.


Longboards are longer than shortboards. If you are not interested in tricks and flips, but you want to use your skateboard for transportation, cruising, and downhill, then longboard is the right choice. A longboard is allowed to use a giant wheel than a shortboard and can carry more weight than a shortboard. Some longboards are made for only downhill, and some are made for cruising. Generally, longboards size starts from 33″ to above, and it may be a maximum of 46″ +.

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The chart shows the skateboard sizes based on the riding style of the rider:

Riding StyleSkateboard Size
Cruising32″ – 42″
Downhill35″ – 44″ +
Freestyle ride36″ – 42″
Tricks and Flips28″ – 34″

The length of the skateboard plays a vital role while the rider is turning, and stability is another essential part that is directly related to skateboard sizes.

Body Heights and weight of the rider:

Besides the length of the skateboard, another critical factor in choosing the right board is the rider’s length and weight. If the board size is not perfect for the rider, he or she may be a rider, but he or she could not be able to get the specific performance of the board that he wants. In the long run, it may cause physical harm to the rider.

So, how long should a skateboard be while it for the taller or smaller rider? This is very reasonable and very logical that the taller rider needs a taller board than a smaller one. The rider who has a heavyweight needs a skateboard that can carry the rider. But in the case of street riding, almost all the skateboard sizes are nearly the same. There may be hardly a difference of .25 inches to .05 inches. In a general sense, that seems not a big difference, but if we consider the whole measurement and the built style of the skateboard deck, that will bring value to it. A small difference can affect a lot when selecting a skateboard.

Here is a chart showing the standard sizes of skateboard decks based on riders’ Heights:

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Riders HeightSkateboard Deck LengthDeck Width
5’4”+34” – 42”+7.5”+
4’5” – 5’3”28” – 40”7.3”
3’6” – 4’4”24” – 36”7”
Below 3’6”22” – 30”6” – 6.5”

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Shoe Size of Rider:

Rider’s shoe size is another factor affecting buying a skateboard. Shoe size should fit on the skateboard deck cause the stability of riding depends on it. So, when selecting a skateboard, the deck width of it is essential and the deck should not be too wide that the rider finds himself or herself smaller on it. If the deck is wider than the shoe of the rider, it causes the rider to shake on the deck and imbalance it. On the other hand, if the opposite is happening to the rider, it is also tricky for the rider to find himself comfortable on the deck and also causes instability while doing tricks. So, what is the standard width of the skateboard for a rider? The answer is given in the chart stated below:

Riders HeightRiders Shoe SizeRiders Age
5’4”+9 & above14+
4’5” – 5’3”7 – 810 – 13
3’6” – 4’4”4 – 66 – 9
Below 3’6”3 and below5 & Below 5 Years

Let’s sum up all the things; selecting a skateboard depends on several types of matter, but the most vital among them is the rider riding style, rider heights, and the deck wide.  Besides these, the deck type and flexibility are other factors also affecting when selecting a skateboard. The answer to the question of how long should a skateboard be is resolved in the discussion of different angles of skateboarding.

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Determining the ideal length of a skateboard involves a balance between personal preference, riding style, and intended use. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, understanding the relationship between skateboard length and maneuverability, stability, and comfort is crucial. Longboards offer stability and are suitable for cruising, while shorter boards enhance maneuverability and are preferred for tricks and street skating.

Remember, experimentation and trying out different lengths can help skateboarders find what works best for them. Ultimately, the perfect skateboard length varies for each individual. By considering the factors discussed in this article and assessing one’s skating goals and style, enthusiasts can make informed decisions when choosing the optimal length for their skateboarding adventures.

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