Circle Society Roller Skates Review

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Roller skating is a fun and popular pastime for children. With the Circle Society Roller Skates, kids can enjoy a comfortable and adjustable skating experience. These skates are designed to grow with your child, making them an ideal long-term investment.

Read on to find out more about the features, pros and cons, and performance of this product.


The Circle Society Roller Skates are adjustable and can easily grow with shoe size, providing a long-lasting and comfortable skating experience. It has a range of sizing options to fit all types of feet and can be adjusted as your child’s feet grow.

The skates offer:

  • Comfort and fun
  • Adjustability for growing feet
  • Slippery wheels issue
Sizing optionsCan change size to fit growing feet
AdjustabilityCan be adjusted to grow with shoe size
DurabilityDurable and easy to use
FeaturesCute design and no bad smell

Overall, the Circle Society Roller Skates are comfortable and fun to use, and they can easily be adjusted to fit your growing feet. They have a durable build and are easy to use, with a cute design and no bad smell.

Pros and Cons

People have both praised and criticized the Circle Society Roller Skates for their comfort, fun, and adjustability. Compared to other roller skate brands, these skates feature adjustable sizes and durable materials that make them a great choice for growing kids. The pros and cons of adjustable roller skates are as follows:

ComfortableWheels bow a little
FunFabric folds strangely
Change sizeWheels not pre-adjusted
DurableToe stopper broke quickly
Easy to useSlippery wheels

Overall, the Circle Society Roller Skates are a great choice for children and teenagers looking for a comfortable, fun, and adjustable pair of roller skates.

Design & Build Quality

The design and build quality of the Circle Society roller skates is highly regarded by many users. They are comfortable and fun to wear, durable and adjustable, with the ability to fit your size as you grow.

The wheels are well-balanced and the stoppers are sturdy, while the rubber and fabric are of good quality.

Comfortable & Fun

Users often report a comfortable and enjoyable experience while using the Circle Society Roller Skates. The skates come in a variety of different color options, making them suitable for beginners and experienced users alike.

They are designed to be comfortable with adjustable size range, allowing them to grow with your shoe size. They also feature durable wheels and toe stoppers that help keep you stable while skating. The skates are lightweight and easy to use, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a fun and enjoyable experience.

The rubber on the wheels helps you to turn and stay in control, and the fabric is soft and flexible. All in all, users report that the Circle Society Roller Skates are comfortable, fun, and adjustable, making them a great choice for any skater.

Durable & Adjustable

The Circle Society Roller Skates are designed to be durable and adjustable, allowing them to grow with your shoe size. Adjustability benefits include its range of sizes, allowing for different users to find a perfect fit. Its adjustable nature means it can be adjusted as the child’s shoe size grows.

Unfortunately, some durability concerns have been raised. The wheels have been known to bow a little and the fabric to fold strangely. The toe stopper can break quickly and the wheels can be slippery.

Despite these issues, the skates are still a great choice for a growing child.

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Wheels & Stoppers

Many have found the wheels to be slippery and the toe stoppers to break quickly, making Circle Society roller skates a less-than-ideal choice. The wheels do not have a lot of grip and traction, making it difficult for skaters to maneuver turns with confidence. Additionally, the toe stoppers are not very effective, as they often break or come off with minimal use.

As a result, users are finding that the roller skates are not as durable as they had hoped. However, with proper maintenance and attentive use, the skates can still be a fun and comfortable ride.

Rubber & Fabric

The rubber on the Circle Society roller skates gives them a good grip and traction for turning, but makes it difficult to turn.

Meanwhile, the fabric sometimes folds strangely when skaters are stopping and falling, which can be a hazard.

It is important to consider the longevity of the fabric when making a purchase, as it may need to be replaced over time due to wear and tear.

The fabric is durable enough to withstand some falls and stops, but may not be as resilient as other materials.

It is important to inspect the fabric before each use and ensure that it is in good condition.

With proper care and maintenance, the fabric can last a long time and provide a safe skating experience.

Features & Benefits

Circle Society Roller Skates offer many features and benefits. Parents appreciate that the skates can grow with their children’s feet, with adjustable size ranges for different foot sizes. They also enjoy the comfortable fit that the skates provide.

In comparison with other adjustable roller skates, the Circle Society Roller Skates tend to be more durable and have higher quality fabric and rubber. Parents also find that the skates are fun for their children and easy to use.

In addition, the skates have no bad smell and are very cute. All these features make Circle Society Roller Skates a great choice for parents and children.


The performance of the Circle Society Roller Skates is impressive. They are easy to turn and provide comfort with no bad smell. However, there have been some issues with the durability of the front stoppers, which can come off easily.

Overall, the skates deliver a great performance. They offer easy maneuverability and a comfortable fit.

Maneuverability: Easy to Turn

Users find the Circle Society Roller Skates easy to turn, thanks to the rubber material. The skates are designed to provide smooth maneuverability and turning on any surface.

The rubber material used in the skates is soft and provides grip, making it easier for users to control their skating direction. The design also helps to absorb shock, making it easier to turn corners without losing balance.

Additionally, the adjustable size range of the skates makes them suitable for growing feet. This makes it a great choice for kids and teenagers who are still growing.

Overall, the Circle Society Roller Skates offer an easy and smooth turning experience that makes it suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

Comfort: No Bad Smell

The skates have a pleasant odor, making them a comfortable choice for users.

Breathability is of utmost importance and the fabric used for the Circle Society Skates was designed to provide it. The material is lightweight yet strong and offers no bad smell, giving users a comfortable experience.

The material also helps keep feet cool, making it a great option for long periods of use. The flexible fabric is easy to adjust and fits a range of shoe sizes, allowing users to find the perfect fit.

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With no bad smell, the Circle Society Skates provide users with a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Durability: Front Stopper Issues

Unfortunately, some users have reported that the front stoppers of the skates have come off quickly. This has been an issue with the Circle Society Roller Skates, as the durability of the front stoppers has not held up in some cases.

Additionally, some users have mentioned that the screw keeps turning, which can further contribute to the stopper coming off. These issues point to a poor design when it comes to the durability of the front stoppers, which is concerning for those looking for a long-lasting pair of roller skates.

A possible solution may be to adjust the design of the skates or to use better quality materials when constructing the skates.


Maintaining roller skates is essential for ensuring a fun and safe skating experience. Cleaning skates regularly will help prevent dirt and debris from building up and reducing the performance of the skates.

In addition, applying a lubricant to the wheels can help keep them spinning smoothly and reduce friction. Taking the time to properly maintain your skates will help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Cleaning Skates

Cleaning the Circle Society roller skates regularly is important to ensure they stay in top condition. It is recommended to clean the skates after every use.

A damp cloth should be used to wipe off any dirt or debris from the exterior of the skates, and to avoid any condensation, let them dry completely before storing.

To keep the wheels in good condition, periodically check the wheels for any damage or wear and replace them as necessary. Additionally, use a soft brush to remove any dirt or debris from between the wheels.

Finally, lubricating the wheels with oil or a lubricant will help keep them running smoothly.

Following these tips for how to clean roller skates will help maintain them for long-term use.


Lubricating the wheels regularly with oil or a lubricant helps keep the Circle Society roller skates running smoothly. For best performance, it’s recommended to use a high-quality lubricant to reduce friction and wear.

The type of lubricant is important and should depend on the material of the wheels and bearings. For example, silicone-based lubricants are best for plastic and urethane wheels, while oil-based lubricants work better for metal wheels.

It’s also important to clean the axles and bearings before lubricating them to ensure proper lubrication. After lubrication, it’s important to spin the wheels to distribute the lubricant evenly and wipe off any excess lubricant.

Regular lubrication will not only help the skates run smoother but also help extend the life of the wheels and bearings.

Who Is It for

The Circle Society Roller Skates are perfect for growing feet, as they are adjustable and can change size to fit. With different sizes available, these skates can accommodate a range of shoe sizes, making them a great investment for growing children.

Additionally, compared to other brands, these skates offer great value for money. Their comfortable and fun design makes them a great choice for both kids and adults alike. Plus, they are durable enough to withstand falls and other wear and tear.

The rubber makes it hard to turn, but once the user gets used to it, they will be able to skate around with ease.

All in all, the Circle Society Roller Skates make an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable pair of skates.

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Worth Buying

With their adjustable size range, durable construction, and great value for money, the Circle Society Roller Skates are definitely worth buying.

When compared to other brands, the Circle Society skates offer a good compromise between comfort and performance. The skates are durable enough to last for years, even with regular use.

The adjustable size range allows them to grow with the user’s shoe size, making them a great long term investment. The wheels are not pre-adjusted, but they are easy to configure for different skating styles.

There are some issues with the wheels bowing and the fabric folding strangely, but overall the skates perform well. The rubber makes it harder to turn, but it also makes them safer and more reliable.

All in all, the Circle Society Roller Skates are a great choice for those looking for comfy, fun, and adjustable roller skates.

How We Tested It: What We Liked and What We Didn’t

We tested the Circle Society Roller Skates for comfort, durability, adjustability, and performance.

We tested the skates by wearing them and taking them for a spin, evaluating them on their maneuverability, comfort, and grip.

We also looked at how well they adjust to different sized feet. We found that the skates were comfortable and fun to use, and could be changed to fit growing feet.

However, the wheels bow a little, the fabric folds oddly, and the toe stopper broke quickly. The rubber makes it hard to turn, but the wheels are durable and the skates are cute.

All in all, the Circle Society Roller Skates are an acceptable product.

What Other Owners Are Saying

Others have found the Circle Society Roller Skates to be comfortable, easy to use, and durable. The skates have an adjustable size range that can grow with shoe size. Many owners have praised the skates for being comfortable and fun, as well as being able to change size.

Despite its advantages, there are some downsides that have been noted by other owners. Common issues include the wheels bowing slightly, fabric folding strangely, and wheels not being pre-adjusted. Additionally, some have reported that the toe stopper broke quickly and the wheels were slippery.

Overall, many owners have found the skates to be a great choice for growing feet.

Compared to Other Brands

Compared to other brands, the Circle Society Roller Skates have been praised for their comfort, easy use, and durability. They offer adjustable size range, which is great for kids growing out of their shoes. They have also been noted to be durable, withstanding falls and stops.

However, some users have experienced wheel bowing, fabric folding, and slippery wheels.

In comparison to other adjustable skates, the Circle Society Roller Skates stand out due to their comfort, adjustability, and overall durability. They are also one of the few brands to offer a range of colors and sizes, making them popular among younger children.

Final Verdict: Worth It

Overall, the Circle Society Roller Skates have been met with positive reviews for their comfort, durability, and adjustability, making them a great option for younger children.

Compared to other roller skates, they can be easily adjusted to fit growing feet and have strong durability, with the wheels and fabric able to withstand falls and wear and tear.

Reviews also indicated that the wheels can turn easily, providing a smooth ride.

In terms of long-term durability, the Circle Society Roller Skates have held up fairly well, with most of the negative reviews pointing to minor issues such as the wheels bowing a little or the fabric folding oddly.

All in all, these skates are a great choice for those looking for a comfortable and adjustable option.

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