What Is A Double Drop Longboard?

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A Double Drop Longboard is a type of longboard that combines the features of a Drop Through Longboard and a Drop Down Longboard. It has a lowered platform, which makes it closer to the ground, providing stability and ease of pushing. This type of longboard is suitable for riders of all skill levels.

What Is A Double Drop Longboard

What Is A Double Drop Longboard

A double drop longboard is a specialized type of longboard that combines the features of “drop through” trucks with a “drop down” deck. This unique design results in a very low center of gravity, making it the most stable type of longboard available.

The deck of a double drop longboard is considerably lower than traditional drop through and dropdown longboards. This low deck allows the rider’s feet to sit close to the ground on either side and below the trucks.

Double drop longboards are particularly popular among serious longboard commuters who cover long distances on a daily basis. The lower deck makes it easier to push, resulting in greater efficiency and less fatigue in the legs.

These longboards also excel at high speeds, maintaining stability even at faster speeds. While they may not turn as sharply as other types of longboards, this is not typically an issue for double drop longboard riders who focus on commuting and long-distance riding.

What to Look for When Buying a Double Drop Longboard

When buying a double drop longboard, there are several important factors to consider. First, pay attention to the balance of the board’s weight and durability. This will ensure that the board is both easy to use and long-lasting. Additionally, consider the materials and design of the board, as well as the quality of the trucks and bearings. These features will contribute to the overall performance and ride quality of the board.

Another important aspect to consider is the board’s impact absorption and balance. These factors will affect how well the board responds to different riding conditions and terrain. Additionally, make sure to evaluate the board’s size and shape, as this can impact its stability and maneuverability.

For those who are new to longboarding, a double drop longboard is a great choice for both commuting and carving. It is relatively easy to learn how to ride and offers a comfortable concave deck with plenty of space for your feet and hands. Look for a board that is easy to control and allows you to express your own style.

Features of a good double-drop longboard

A good double drop longboard offers a combination of features that enhance the riding experience for both beginners and experienced riders. One of the key features of a double drop longboard is its unique deck construction. With a drop-through mounted deck and a drop in the deck’s shape near the truck mounts, this type of longboard offers a lower center of gravity.

The drop-through truck design lowers the deck closer to the ground, resulting in improved stability and control. This design also changes the way the board responds to movements, allowing for smoother and more controlled turns. The drop in the deck further lowers the deck and distributes the rider’s weight onto the trucks, enhancing stability and balance.

In addition to its construction, a good double drop longboard should have a comfortable concave deck with plenty of space for the rider’s feet and hands. This provides a secure and comfortable grip, allowing riders to confidently express their own style.

A double-drop longboard is best for specific styles

A double-drop longboard is best suited for specific riding styles that require stability, speed, and precise control. Whether you’re an experienced rider or looking to upgrade your current board, a double-drop longboard offers unique features that make it perfect for freeride and downhill riding. Its low ride height and double-drop deck design provide excellent stability at high speeds, allowing riders to confidently navigate fast descents and tight turns.

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The comfortable foot stopper on the deck ensures a secure foot placement, enhancing control and making it easier to slide and perform tricks. The drop-through truck mounts and double-drop shape contribute to the overall stability, making it an ideal choice for experienced riders seeking a reliable board for intense downhill rides.

Additionally, the double-drop longboard offers a comfortable and spacious concave deck, allowing riders to customize their grip and comfortably express their individual style. With its durable wheels, including rubbery hooligan wheels or high-quality 90-millimeter cloudride hurricane wheels, it guarantees traction and durability while reducing the risk of wheel biting.

Distance pushing and commuting on a double drop

Distance pushing and commuting on a double drop longboard can greatly enhance your riding experience. With a double drop longboard, your center of gravity is significantly lower to the ground compared to other types of longboards. This lower ride height provides increased stability at higher speeds, allowing you to travel faster without experiencing wobbles.

One of the key advantages of a double drop longboard is its ease of kick pushing. Being closer to the pavement makes kick pushing much easier and less straining on your knees and hips. Your foot doesn’t need to travel as far to hit the ground, reducing the effort required for long-distance pushing. This can be particularly beneficial when traveling long distances over several miles.

Commuting and distance pushing on a double drop longboard is especially favored by experienced riders looking for a more comfortable and efficient ride. The drop-through design of the deck, combined with the lower ride height, creates a more comfortable foot stopper, allowing for a natural and relaxed riding posture.

Freeriding and sliding on a double drop

Freeriding and sliding on a double drop longboard can provide a thrilling and enjoyable experience for beginner and intermediate riders. These boards are designed with a lower center of gravity, which allows for easier initiation of slides and more control during the slide compared to topmount boards.

The drop-through design of double drop longboards also contributes to their freeriding capabilities. With the trucks mounted through the deck, riders can apply less force to break into slides, resulting in longer and smoother slides. However, it’s important to note that the lower height can slightly decrease the level of control during the slide, especially compared to higher-up boards.

One of the major advantages of double drop longboards for freeriding is the maximum stability they offer at high speeds. The combination of the low center of gravity and the longer wheelbase provides enhanced stability, allowing riders to maintain control even when riding at faster speeds.

When is a double drop board NOT the best choice

A double drop longboard is not the best choice for certain riding styles and conditions. Fast downhill longboarding, for example, is better suited for topmount boards due to their increased responsiveness. On a double drop longboard, your feet are positioned far apart and below the trucks, resulting in less leverage and response from the drop-through trucks. This makes it difficult to hold a clean speed line, especially in sharp turns and hairpin corners.

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Similarly, riding styles that put a lot of pressure on the trucks, like downhill racing and freestyle tricks, are not ideal for double drop boards. The drop-through mounts of these boards are structurally weaker than topmounts, making them more prone to breaking, especially with stiffer decks.

Double-drop longboard: the Landyachtz Switchblade

The Landyachtz Switchblade is a highly acclaimed double drop longboard that offers exceptional stability, comfort, and performance. Available in three lengths – 36″, 38″, and 40″ – the Switchblade allows riders to choose the ideal size based on their height, weight, and riding style.

What sets the Switchblade apart is its slanted drop design, which enhances responsiveness without compromising stability. This, combined with the highly responsive Grizzly Bear trucks, makes it a popular choice for riders looking to push their limits on medium hills, learn slides, and improve their technical skills.

The fully symmetrical deck shape and deep foot pockets created by the dropped platform and W concave make the Switchblade perfect for practicing slides on slopes. Additionally, it excels in distance pushing and commuting, making it a versatile option for riders of all levels.

Double drop longboard: the Arbor Dropcruiser

The Arbor Dropcruiser is a highly-respected double-drop longboard that offers a comfortable and stable ride. This longboard features a 38″ length and an adjustable wheelbase of 29+” to 32″, providing ample space for gliding and smooth distance pushing and commuting. The Dropcruiser excels in carving and commuting tasks, thanks to its turny and carvy Paris V2 RKP trucks and big soft 70mm wheels.

One notable feature of the Dropcruiser is its double-drop design, which allows for a lower ride height. This design is beneficial for experienced riders who seek stability at higher speeds. The double-drop deck shape also provides a comfortable foot stopper, making it perfect for freeride-style riding.

The Dropcruiser’s deck is designed with wheel cutouts, ensuring no wheelbite during tight turns. Additionally, the subtle concave of the deck provides a pleasant and effective pushing and carving experience.

Double drop bracket setup: the Loaded Fathom

The Loaded Fathom is a highly specialized longboard designed for distance pushing, featuring a unique double-drop bracket setup known as the Loaded Zee Brackets. This setup, designed by G/Bomb, offers a high-performance distance riding experience with exceptional stability.

The Fathom is specifically built for commuters, fitness enthusiasts, and travelers looking for an alternative to biking. It allows riders to reach very high speeds and roll times, thanks to its low ride height and the ability to accommodate large wheels up to 105mm without the need for risers.

The double-drop design of the Fathom provides numerous advantages. The lower ride height enhances stability, allowing riders to maintain control even at faster speeds. The double-drop bracket setup also offers a comfortable foot platform, making it ideal for long-distance rides.

Can You Slide on a Double Drop Longboard

Yes, you can slide on a double-drop longboard. The double-drop design of the board, with its lower ride height and stable foot platform, makes it ideal for sliding skateboarders and those looking to perfect the freeride activity.

The lower center of gravity on a double-drop longboard also reduces the tendency to overturn during slides compared to other downhill board styles. This makes them perfect for precision riding and fluidity of sliding. Double-drop longboards are also suitable for newcomers who want to try out freeride activities as they offer stability and control.

Both drop-down and drop-through longboards feature lower decks to prevent wheel biting, allowing riders to safely execute slides without any hindrance. So, if you’re considering sliding on a longboard, a double-drop longboard would be a great choice.

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Are Double Drop Down Longboards Good for Beginners

Double drop down longboards can be a great option for beginners looking to get into longboarding. These boards have a unique design that offers several advantages for novice riders.

One key benefit is their stability at high speeds. The drop-down and drop-through decks, combined with the reverse kingpin trucks, provide a lower ride height, which results in a lower center of gravity. This feature makes the boards extremely stable, allowing beginners to feel more comfortable while riding at faster speeds.

Additionally, double drop longboards tend to have larger wheel and truck sizes, providing extra width and length. This extra size and stability make them more novice-friendly, allowing beginners to progress faster in their skating journey.

Compared to typical skateboards, longboards are generally easier for beginners to ride. The wider deck and larger wheels on double drop longboards offer more stability and make it easier to maintain balance.


What is a double drop longboard?

A double drop longboard refers to a type of longboard skateboard that features both a drop-down and drop-through design. This means that the deck is lowered between the trucks and the trucks are mounted through the deck, resulting in a significantly lower ride height.

What are the benefits of riding a double drop longboard?

Double drop longboards offer several benefits. Firstly, their low ride height and lower center of gravity provide exceptional stability, making them ideal for high-speed riding. Secondly, the larger deck size and wider wheelbase offer more stability and balance, making them suitable for beginners as well. Lastly, the double drop design allows for comfortable foot positioning and promotes better control while carving or sliding.

What types of riding are double drop longboards best for?

Double drop longboards are versatile and can be used for various riding styles. They are particularly well-suited for freeride and downhill riding due to their stability and control at higher speeds. However, they can also be used for cruising and commuting thanks to their comfortable foot stopper and smooth ride.

Are double drop longboards suitable for beginners?

Yes, double drop longboards are beginner-friendly. The lower ride height, wider deck, and larger wheels provide stability and make it easier for beginners to balance and maintain control. However, it is always important for beginners to wear proper safety gear and practice caution when riding.

Are there any downsides to riding a double drop longboard?

While there are many benefits to double drop longboards, it’s worth noting that their lower ride height may make it more susceptible to wheel bite, which can cause accidents. Riders should be cautious and learn proper technique to avoid wheel bite. Additionally, the larger size and weight of double drop longboards may make them less suitable for tricks and technical maneuvers typically performed on traditional skateboards.


A double drop longboard is not just a piece of equipment, it’s a gateway to a whole new world of exhilarating adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, this unique board offers an unmatched level of stability and control.

So, if you’re ready to take your longboarding experience to the next level, don’t hesitate to try out a double-drop longboard. Get ready to drop jaws and turn heads as you cruise the streets in style!

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