Evoke Roller Skates Review

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Gliding across the pavement in a pair of Evoke skates is like soaring on the wings of an eagle. The perfect combination of comfort, performance, and style makes these high-quality skates the ideal choice for anyone looking to experience the thrill of skating.

From the medium ankle support to the adjustable toestops and outdoor wheels, these skates offer all the features necessary for a smooth, safe ride.

Read on to learn more about this exciting product and why it’s one of the best available on the market.


The Evoke Skates offer a high-quality combination of comfort, performance, and style. They come with features such as lightweight trucks, adjustable toestops, and low-maintenance sealed bearings.

If you want to customize your Evoke Skates, here are some options:

  • Wheels: You can easily swap the wheels for different ones according to your preferences.
  • Toestops: The toestops can be adjusted to your desired height.
  • Decals: You can add decals to the skates for a personalized look.

Pros and Cons

Considering all aspects, these skates offer a great combination of comfort, performance, and style. Although they require an initial adjustment period for those used to a 10-degree kingpin, the 20-degree kingpin makes spins and turns easier. The lightweight trucks and boots provide less fatigue and the large toe stops are adjustable. The low-maintenance, sealed bearings may be slow, but can be upgraded. The 78 durometer wheels are perfect for outdoor skating and roll smoothly over small debris. The overall quality is high, resulting in good durability and minimal maintenance.

Lightweight trucks and bootsInitial adjustment period
20-degree kingpinSlow bearings
Large toe stops
78 durometer wheels
High quality and durability

Design & Build Quality

The high-quality Evoke skates offer great leather quality, a true fit, and no break-in time.

The medium ankle support provides comfort and stability, while the lightweight trucks with a 20-degree ankle make it easy to maneuver.

The toestops can be adjusted and the attractive design is sure to please.

Leather Quality

High-quality evoke skates offer good quality leather with no break-in time needed. The leather is durable and comfortable, allowing for a true fit to the company’s sizing chart. The skates also offer medium ankle support and a tongue that does not slip down.

Lightweight trucks with a 20-degree ankle provide maneuverability, and large toestops can be adjusted. This all combines to create an attractive design with a flattering shape. The leather adds to the overall comfort and durability of the skates, making them a great choice for any skater.

True Fit

The leather offers a true fit to the company’s sizing chart, providing wearers with a comfort level that can’t be beat. The fit is accurate in accordance with the company’s sizing, making it easy to find the perfect size for the skater.

No break-in time is required, and the skates will fit comfortably from the very first time they’re worn. The sizing accuracy ensures that the skates will be stable and secure, preventing any painful chafing or slipping.

The fit is designed for maximum comfort, allowing wearers to enjoy every skate session with ease.

Break-In Time

The Evoke skates are designed with comfort, performance, and style in mind. The true fit of the skates allows for a smooth transition from the box to the rink. Aside from the fit, the Evoke skates have another benefit: no break-in time. Compared to other skates, the Evoke skates require no time or effort to break in. This is a great benefit for those who want to get skating right away.

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The lightweight trucks and soft 78 durometer wheels make maneuverability and rolling smooth. The quality of the leather ensures they will keep their form. With no break-in time, you can enjoy the comfort and performance of the Evoke skates right away and start skating with confidence.

Ankle Support

Offering medium ankle support, the Evoke skates are designed to provide comfort and maneuverability without sacrificing style. The fit is true to the company sizing chart, and the tongue won’t slip down.

The 20-degree kingpins and lightweight trucks make it easier to spin and turn, while the adjustable toestops give added control. The leather is of good quality, and the skates don’t require a break-in period. Plus, the flattering shape ensures a stylish look.

For those who prefer more ankle support, they can upgrade for better sizing accuracy. Overall, the Evoke skates offer a great balance of comfort, performance, and style.

Features & Benefits

Featuring quality leather and a true fit, these Evoke skates offer no break-in time. They have medium ankle support, lightweight trucks with a 20-degree ankle, and adjustable toestops. The skates also come with a spacious carrying case.

Customization options are available, including decals and gel inserts for added comfort. These skates are not only durable, but also stylish.

The wheels have a soft 78 durometer, making them perfect for outdoor skating. The kingpins on the skates make spins and turns easier to execute.

It is recommended to tighten the trucks prior to skating for better stability. The bearings are sealed and low-maintenance.

The skates arrived sooner than expected and they look fantastic with attention to detail. The matching carrying case is sturdy and adorable.


The Evoke Skates offer a high level of performance. This is thanks to their sealed bearings, soft 78 durometer wheels, and lightweight trucks. The 20-degree kingpin also makes spins and turns easier. However, it’s worth noting that the trucks may need to be tightened to ensure better stability. Overall, the performance of these skates is excellent. They allow for smooth rolling over debris and pebbles.


Sealed bearings provide low-maintenance, smooth rolling, and an easier roll when upgraded. The pros and cons of bearings should be taken into consideration when choosing skates.

On the plus side, sealed bearings offer a smoother roll and have less maintenance than open bearings. However, they may be slower.

Bearing care and maintenance is important, as well, as it can extend the life of the bearings. Proper lubrication, cleaning, and inspection will help keep them in good condition.

Upgrading to better quality bearings can provide an easier roll and more performance. Ultimately, the quality of the bearings can have a significant effect on the overall skating experience.


The wheels have a soft 78 durometer, perfect for outdoor skating and providing a smooth roll over small debris and pebbles. These wheels are built for durability and are best suited for outdoor skating.

They are not as well-suited for indoor skating due to their softer durometer, which won’t provide the necessary grip. However, they are still suitable for indoor use, provided a person is able to adjust and adapt to the different surface.

The wheels are also easily swapable, so if someone wants to switch from outdoor to indoor skating, they can do so without any problem.

All in all, these wheels provide an excellent combination of durability and maneuverability, making them the perfect choice for outdoor skating.

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The trucks on the evoke skates are designed for performance and maneuverability. They feature a 20-degree ankle for superior maneuverability, while still providing medium ankle support. This allows skaters to perform spins and turns with ease, and gives them the ability to move quickly on the rink or street.

The lightweight trucks also ensure that skaters don’t become fatigued quickly while skating. Additionally, the trucks may need to be tightened before skating to ensure stability. Skaters can also adjust the toestops for further customization.

Overall, the trucks on the evoke skates provide the perfect combination of support and flexibility, allowing skaters to skate with confidence and style. The adjustable toestops are a nice addition, and the lightweight design ensures that skaters don’t become fatigued easily.


Maintaining the high-quality Evoke skates is essential for enjoying the comfort, performance, and style they provide.

Bearing care is an important part of this process, as regular cleaning and lubrication can help prolong the life of the skates.

Wheels should also be regularly checked for wear and tear, as replacing them when needed can ensure the skates stay in top condition.

Bearing Care

Caring for the bearings is essential for optimal skating performance. Skaters should consider upgrading their bearings for a smoother roll, while maintaining them to ensure they last.

Bearings are sealed and low-maintenance, but over time the bearings may need to be cleaned or replaced if they become clogged with dirt. Skaters should inspect their bearings regularly for wear and tear, and lubricate them as needed.

If bearings are not properly maintained, they may become noisy and slow. The right maintenance can help ensure the bearings last for a long time and that they provide a smooth roll.

Wheel Longevity

Properly caring for the wheels can help ensure their longevity. Evoke skates are designed with 78 durometer wheels, making them ideal for outdoor skating surfaces.

To extend the life of the wheels, it is important to avoid rough surfaces and sharp objects. Additionally, regular cleaning and drying of the wheels is recommended to ensure that dirt and debris do not accumulate and affect the wheel’s durability.

Furthermore, it is important to check the wheels for any signs of wear or cracks, as these can lead to faster deterioration. If any of these signs are detected, it is important to replace the wheels as soon as possible.

Who Is It for

Evoke Skates are designed for everyone, from experienced skaters to beginners. They offer comfort, performance, and style. These skates provide great maneuverability with features such as lightweight trucks and 20-degree kingpins, making them perfect for the more advanced skater. For the novice, they have no break-in time, medium ankle support, and adjustable toestops. They come in a wide range of sizes and colors, so anyone can find a pair to fit their style.

The quality leather used in Evoke skates ensures long-lasting wear. The soft 78 durometer wheels provide a smooth ride outdoors. The low-maintenance bearings also offer a reliable roll. However, they may not be as fast as some other options. If you’re looking for a quicker ride, you may want to consider upgrading to better quality bearings.

Evoke skates are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the sport of skating. Whether you’re looking for something lightweight and fast or just something comfortable and stylish, Evoke skates have you covered. They have received great reviews from experienced skaters and beginners alike, making them sure to be a hit.

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Worth Buying

Evoke skates offer great maneuverability for experienced skaters and enough support for beginners. With features such as lightweight trucks and 20-degree kingpins, they are a great purchase for anyone looking to enjoy the sport of skating.

Customer feedback indicates that the leather is high-quality and the sizing is true to chart. The wheels have a soft 78 durometer, perfect for outdoor skating, and the sealed bearings provide a smooth roll. The skates have no break-in time and the toe stops are adjustable, adding to their durability.

The attractive design and flattering shape are another plus. Overall, an analysis of customer feedback and durability suggests that Evoke skates are worth buying.

How We Tested It: What We Liked and What We Didn’t

Our testers were impressed with the quality and comfort of the Evoke skates. They found the skates to be stylish and perform well. The no break-in time and lightweight trucks were appreciated by our testers. The adjustable toestops were also a pro. The 78 durometer wheels were perfect for outdoor skating and offered a smooth roll over debris. The 20-degree kingpins allowed for easy spins and turns. However, the slow and low-maintenance bearings were a con. Our testers felt that they could be upgraded for an easier roll. When compared to other brands, the Evoke skates provided good value for money due to their features and performance. Overall, our testers were very pleased with their purchase.

What Other Owners Are Saying

Many other owners have praised the Evoke skates for their attractive design, maneuverability, and adjustable toe stops.

Many have compared them favorably to other skates they’ve owned, noting the 20-degree kingpins make spins and turns easier.

They also appreciate the lightweight trucks, soft wheels, and low-maintenance bearings.

Customization options are available, such as adding gel inserts and decals for a personalized look.

The boots are comfortable and accommodate feet of all sizes.

Skaters are also pleased with the large toestops that can be easily adjusted and the spacious carrying case.

Overall, the Evoke skates have been met with a positive response from its satisfied customers.

Compared to Other Brands

Compared to other brands, the Evoke skates provide excellent maneuverability, adjustable toe stops, and lightweight trucks.

The quality of the leather and design makes them stand out in comparison, and the price point is competitive with other brands.

Customer reviews are also positive, with people praising the no-break-in time and great ankle support.

The 78 durometer wheels are perfect for outdoor skating, and the 20-degree kingpins make spins and turns easier.

There’s also no need for extra adjustments, as the trucks come ready to skate.

Overall, the Evoke skates are a great choice for those looking for a comfortable, stylish, and affordable option.

Final Verdict: Satisfaction

Overall, customers are highly satisfied with the Evoke skates. They find them to be of great value and offering optimal comfort and maneuverability. With customization options such as decals and the ability to upgrade to better bearings, users are able to personalize their skates as they please.

The skates are lightweight and offer large toestops that can be adjusted for a secure fit. The sizing recommendation is accurate, and the boots accommodate feet of all sizes. The teal color is beautiful, and the design is attractive.

The carrying case is well-made and spacious, making transportation a breeze. The 20-degree kingpins provide great maneuverability, and the soft 78 durometer wheels roll smoothly.

All in all, the Evoke skates are a great purchase.

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