Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard Review

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The Flying Dragon is a popular skateboard among riders these days. It is currently one of the top-selling boards on the Market. Both beginner-level riders to experienced riders choosing this model for its many amazing features and surprisingly low price. You will be amazed to know about the Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard review by our expert.

Description of the Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard:

Specification of the deck:

  • The Length is 31.625 inches
  • Width: 7.625 inches
  • The wheelbase is 13.75 inches
  • The tail is 6.625 inches

Specification of the Wheels & Trucks:

  • The wheel diameter is 54mm
  • The width of the wheel is 37mm
  • Hardness is 99a
  • The wheel is made of polyurethane materials
  • The width of the Truck is 7.625 inches

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  • The board is lightweight
  • The printed backside dragon logo is attractive
  • Wheels are 99a durometer in hardness and best for cruising and basic skate tricks.
  • It can carry up to 200 pounds without any disturbance
  • The deck is covered completely by grip tape


  • Some users found the board a little slow but enough for the beginners
  • The grip tape of the board is not the best but far enough for the beginners

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard Details Review:

The board is manufactured in China and is made using high-quality and durable materials. Sporting an all Powell-Peralta Ligament deck with a single wide polymeric strap, the durability, and stiffness of the board is doubled. Ligament boards are known to resist snapping and work to hold the deck in place in the same way ligaments work inside our body by connecting the muscles to our bones. The deck of the board is covered with black grip tape. Some users found that the grip tape is not the best one but good enough for beginners.

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The deck is 31.6 inches in length, with 7.6 inches in width. It has a 7-inch nose and a 6.6-inch tail with a vibrant screen-printed bottom. The graphics on the bottom of the board is very pretty. Its carbon 7.6 inches width truck is good enough for balancing the board while turning in a surface.

The 54mm 99a wheels are both hard and wide, providing riders with stability and high strength while cruising along the streets in town or racing with friends in the neighborhood. The durability of 99a is best for the cruising lover rider. On the other hand, the wheel can be replaceable by other wheels, but for beginners, these wheels are enough for learning.  

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The patented Golden Dragon trucks are 7.6 inches wide, allowing riders to make difficult turns with ease.

Whether you are an advanced rider or you are just in the learning stage, the Flying Dragon’s high-end features and durable build make it one of the best skateboards in the market today. 

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