Apollo Longboard Review

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Are you a retired skater looking for a board that blends safety, speed, and style? Look no further than the APOLLO Longboard Skateboards.

With over 80% of users giving it a five-star rating, you can be sure this board will provide you with an enjoyable ride.

It’s low-profile design is easy on the lower back and the LED wheels and surfskate adapters make it stand out from the crowd.

Read on to learn more about this awesome board!


You’ll love the speed and style of the Apollo Longboard Skateboards, with their sharp cuts, low profile, and bright LED lights for visibility. Perfect for retired skaters, these boards offer:

  • Easily controlled
  • Visible LED lights
  • Optional Surfskate adapters
  • Urethane wheels
  • Durable design
CutSharp, low profile
LightsLED with magnet technology
AdaptersSurfskate for increased speed
WheelsGrippy urethane
DesignDurable, eye-catching

These boards are great for those wanting to go fast while also looking good. Maintenance tips and specs comparison with other boards are available to help you make an informed decision.

Pros and Cons

You’ll find that the Apollo Galaxy Longboard provides a great balance between performance and style, but it comes at a higher price and may not be as well-made as some cheaper options. Pros include easy control, LED lights, and surfskate adapters. User feedback is generally positive, with many praising the board’s design and performance. However, some have complained of loud squeaking and creaking noises, dimming LED lights, and mismatched trucks.

Easy to controlLoud squeaking/creaking
LED lightsDimming LED lights
Surfskate adaptersMismatched trucks

Design & Build Quality

You’ll find the Apollo Longboard Skateboards are well-designed and built with quality in mind. The deck is solid and made of multiple layers of composite wood and fiberglass. The trucks and bushings are adjustable, and the bearings are smooth.

The LED wheels are made of grippy urethane and create light with the help of magnets, no batteries needed. All these great features come together to make the perfect board for the retired skater.


The APOLLO Longboard Skateboard’s deck is easy to control and has a lower profile for comfortable skating, making it perfect for retired skaters. Its deck material is strong and durable, yet lightweight enough for a smooth ride.

The deck design is also practical, with a concave shape that provides extra control while carving and turning. The board’s shorter length and wider width make it easier to control, and the grip tape provides extra traction.

Combined with the LED lights, this board is sure to provide a stylish and safe ride.

Trucks & Bushings

Enjoy increased control and stability with the APOLLO Longboard Skateboard’s trucks and bushings.

The trucks are made of aluminium alloy, offering a lightweight and durable choice. They are adjustable for optimal performance.

The bushings are made of high-rebound urethane and can be adjusted to suit the rider’s own personal style.

With regular maintenance, the trucks and bushings can be kept in top condition, ensuring smooth and responsive turns.

The performance of the bushings is top-notch, allowing riders to carve and turn with ease.

Plus, the adjustable trucks give riders the option to customize their board for their own unique ride.


Experience increased maneuverability with the adjustable bearings on the board. The APOLLO Longboard Skateboards feature ABEC-9 bearings, which allow for superior speed and control. These bearings are pre-lubricated with oil, helping you stay in control as you carve and turn. However, these bearings require regular maintenance, such as cleaning and re-lubricating, to keep them in top condition. Pros of the bearings include increased speed and maneuverability, while the cons are that they require regular maintenance.

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To keep your bearings in the best condition, make sure to clean and re-lubricate them regularly. This will help to keep them from squeaking and rusting. Additionally, make sure to check the wheels for any signs of damage or wear and tear. With proper maintenance, the bearings should last a long time and provide you with a smooth and enjoyable ride.


Switching to the wheels of the APOLLO Longboard Skateboard, you’ll find that they have been designed with wheel durability in mind. They are made with grippy urethane, so you won’t have to worry about them sliding out from under you.

The LED wheels are a real standout feature, with magnets powering the light so you don’t have to worry about batteries. The performance of the LED wheels is eye-catching and sure to turn heads, perfect for those who want to put on a show.

You can skate with confidence, knowing that you can trust the wheels to last and perform.

Features & Benefits

The APOLLO Longboard Skateboards offer you sharp cuts and a lower profile for ease on the lower back. They also come with LED lights for visibility and optional surfskate adapters for increased speed and style. You’ll love the performance comparison and customer support analysis. Additionally, the grippy urethane wheels and LED-wheel boards provide a great riding experience. The bright, eye-catching lights make sure you stand out while riding.

This board is perfect for older retired skaters who want to sidewalk surf with increased speed and style. The LED lights are magnets, eliminating the need for batteries, and the surfskate adapters add an extra element of fun. With this board, you’re sure to make a statement and enjoy your ride.


Whether you’re an experienced surfer or a retired skater, you’ll love the speed and control offered by the APOLLO Longboard Skateboards.

With its sharp cuts and lower profile, it’s easy to stay on top of the board and keep your balance.

The addition of Surfskate Adapters can enhance the performance of the board, while the bright LED lights make it visible from a distance.

This board is the perfect balance of speed and style.

Speed & Control

Experience the speed and control of an APOLLO Longboard Skateboard as you carve and turn. With its sharp cuts and lower profile, you’ll find it easier to control your speed and make turns with less strain on your lower back.

The urethane wheels provide excellent grip, so you can master carving techniques and speed up or slow down with ease.

The LED lights on the board are perfect for night-time sessions, allowing you to show off your skills and stay visible from far away.

With an APOLLO Longboard, you can be sure to have a safe and stylish ride.

Surfskate Adapters

Enhance your ride with the surfskate adapters that fit perfectly with the APOLLO Longboard, allowing you to carve and glide at different speeds. Whether you’re a beginner or a retired skater, these adapters can help you take your ride to the next level.

Pros include increased stability and control, while cons can include the additional cost.

Compared to other surfskate adapters, the APOLLO Longboard provides superior performance. Its smooth and responsive design adds to the maneuverability of the board and makes it easier to control.

With the surfskate adapters, you can enjoy a comfortable ride and a unique style that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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Maintaining your Apollo Longboard Skateboard is a breeze!

To keep it clean and running smoothly, start by cleaning the board with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Then, make sure to grease the wheels to keep them rolling smoothly and to reduce friction. Greasing the wheels also helps to reduce noise and wear and tear, so you can focus on your skating and have a smooth ride.

Cleaning Tips

To keep your Apollo Longboard Skateboard in top condition, give it a regular clean, using a mild detergent and a damp cloth. This will help to preserve its longevity, as dirt and debris can wear down components over time.

To make sure you get all the nooks and crannies, use a soft-bristled brush or toothbrush to clean around the hardware. After cleaning, polish the board with a soft cloth and apply a protectant spray to further keep it looking great.

To keep your wheels in good condition, clean them with a rag and a degreaser to remove dirt and grime. Be sure to check the trucks to make sure they’re tightened properly.

If you follow these cleaning techniques, your Apollo Longboard Skateboard will stay in good condition and provide you with a smooth riding experience.

Greasing Wheels

Now that you know how to clean your Apollo Longboard Skateboard, it’s important to pay attention to wheel maintenance.

Greasing your wheels is an important part of keeping them in great condition. This is especially important for retired skaters who want to enjoy the added speed and style that comes with these boards.

To grease your wheels, simply apply some lube or bearing grease to the axles. Make sure to rotate the wheels while you do this to ensure that the grease is evenly distributed. This will help troubleshoot any wheel issues you may have.

With a bit of regular maintenance, you can keep your Apollo board running smoothly for years to come.

Who Is It for

If you’re a retired skater looking for speed and style, the APOLLO Longboard Skateboards are perfect for you.

With a lower profile that’s easy on the lower back and sharp cuts that provide great control, longboarding can be a great way for retired skaters to stay active.

Plus, the added LED lights make it easy to be seen from a distance.

The board also offers balance and coordination benefits to older adults, improving their overall agility.

Surfskate adapters available for purchase can also increase the board’s speed, making it a great option for those looking for an adrenaline rush.

With the APOLLO Longboard Skateboards, you can have a fun and safe ride that is sure to stand out.

Worth Buying

With its sharp cuts and lower profile, the APOLLO Longboard Skateboards are perfect for an active ride that stands out, making it worth buying.

Customer reviews are glowing, with granddaughters loving the board and users highly recommending the LED wheels for style and safety.

Pricing comparison does put the board on the higher end of the $60-$80 range, but some users have found it to be better made than cheaper boards, with the design matching the picture and all the necessary parts included.

The grippy urethane wheels and LED magnets mean no batteries are needed, and the surfskate adapters can be added to enhance performance and enable sunset and nighttime skates.

All in all, the APOLLO Longboard Skateboard is a great purchase.

How We Tested It

After using the Apollo Longboard Skateboards for a couple of months, we’ve seen what we like and don’t like.

You’ll love the sharp cuts and the LED lights, which make it visible from far away. Plus, the surfskate adapters are great for sunset and nighttime skates.

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However, some users have complained about the squeaking and creaking noises during turns, as well as the LED lights dimming and eventually going out.

After Using For A Couple of Months What We Liked

You’ll love the ease of control and sharp cuts that the APOLLO Longboard Skateboards offer, and the LED lights make it visible from far away.

After using it for a couple of months, you’ll appreciate its long-term durability and smooth performance on different terrains.

The urethane wheels are grippy and reliable, while the surf skate adapters help you reach maximum speed.

You’ll also be impressed with the LED lights, as they’re powered by magnets and don’t require batteries.

The board’s design is eye-catching and stylish, making it the perfect companion for your everyday skate sessions.

Even when carving and turning, you won’t have to worry about loud squeaking or creaking noises.

In short, you’ll enjoy the speed and style of the APOLLO Longboard Skateboards!

After Using For A Couple of Months What We Didn’t Like

Although you may be satisfied with the performance of the board, you may find the LED lights start dimming and eventually stop lighting up after a few months of use. This can be a major disappointment for those looking to make a long-term investment in a quality board.

Added to this, some users have reported squeaking and creaking noises when carving or turning, as well as receiving boards with mismatched truck colors.

It’s important to consider the long-term durability and performance of the board, as well as customer support and satisfaction when it comes to a purchase. Unsatisfactory customer service can be a deal-breaker, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

What Other Owners Are Saying

Hear what other owners are saying about the Apollo Longboard Skateboards – they love the speed and style! User experiences are positive, with reviewers enjoying the performance of the board with sharp cuts and a lower profile.

LED lights on the board create a show and are powered by magnets, not batteries. Even better, surfskate adapters can be added to enhance the performance.

Compared to other boards, the Apollo is more expensive, but offers a unique experience for retired skaters. Most users had no issues with the product, with the design matching the pictures and all necessary parts included.

Compared to Other Brands

Compared to other boards in the same price range, the Apollo Galaxy Longboard has more features but also comes with a higher price tag. It’s clear that you get what you pay for, as this board’s LED-wheel boards and surfskate adapters are a great feature that other boards don’t have.

However, some customers have experienced problems with the quality of the board, such as squeaking and creaking sounds and the LEDs dimming out. Users have also experienced unsatisfactory customer support when it comes to replacing parts or refunds.

Overall, the Apollo board is a great choice for experienced skaters, but those on a budget may want to look for a cheaper alternative.

Final Verdict: Recommended

Overall, the Apollo Longboard Skateboards are a great choice for retired skaters who are looking for a board with speed and style. With LED lights and surfskate adapters, you’ll be the center of attention.

It has pros and cons, of course. It’s a bit more expensive than comparable boards, but you get what you pay for. Plus, it’s easy to maintain and clean.

All in all, the Apollo Longboard Skateboards are a worthwhile investment that will bring you lots of fun and make you look cool while doing it.

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