Atom All Terrain Longboard Review

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Riding on the Atom All Terrain Longboard is like a stroll through the clouds. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, this longboard offers a smooth ride and is packed with features for a high-quality experience.

In this review, we’ll look at the specs, pros and cons, design and build quality, and more to determine if this longboard is worth the purchase.


You’ll love the Atom All Terrain Longboard’s 39-inch maple wood deck, 10-inch width, 220-pound load capacity, 100-millimeter polyurethane wheels, 78A durometer hardness, and other specs for a smooth ride. Its pros include its hassle-free assembly, sturdy construction, and wheel performance.

The Atom All Terrain Longboard is designed for an adult user and is made from durable maple wood with a 220-pound load capacity. Its 100-millimeter polyurethane wheels have a 78A durometer hardness, allowing for a smooth ride over various terrains. The board is also equipped with a 30-day warranty for added peace of mind.

Pros and Cons

You’ll appreciate the solid construction and easy handling of the Atom All Terrain Longboard, which provides a comfortable ride. It’s ideal for beginners and experienced riders alike, offering a smooth, stable ride. The deck’s maple wood construction is strong and durable, while the 78A durometer hardness of the polyurethane wheels ensures a smooth, comfortable ride. The wide 10-inch deck makes it easy to control, and the 220-pound weight capacity makes it suitable for a variety of riders.

Maple wood constructionWheels tucked in more
220-pound weight capacityFront end snapped after 6 months
Smooth, comfortable ride
Easy to control
78A durometer wheels

Overall, customers have expressed satisfaction with the Atom Woody All Terrain Longboard and its ability to provide a smooth ride. Its construction is solid and its features make it suitable for a variety of riders. The few cons, such as wheels that could be tucked in more and the front end snapping after 6 months of use, are relatively minor.

Design & Build Quality

You will be impressed by the design and build quality of the Atom Woody All Terrain Longboard.

The deck is made of sturdy maple wood, the wheels are durable polyurethane with a 78A hardness, and the board can handle up to 220 pounds and various terrains.

It is a great choice for riders who want a reliable and smooth ride.

Deck Quality

The deck is made of maple wood, and the grip tape is of great quality, providing a secure and grippy surface.

The deck is 39 inches in length and 10 inches in width, allowing for comfortable and enjoyable rides.

The load capacity is 220 pounds and the item weight is 10 pounds.

The wheel size is 100 millimeters and the wheel material is polyurethane, with a durometer hardness of 78A.

The deck is strong and durable, ensuring a safe and smooth ride.

The grip tape is thick and well-adhered, providing excellent traction and control.

The Atom Woody All Terrain Longboard is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and enjoyable ride.

Wheel Durability

You can trust the wheel durability of the Atom All Terrain Longboard. They are built with polyurethane and have a durometer hardness of 78A. The wheels are 100 millimeters in size and provide excellent impact resistance, making them perfect for a variety of terrains.

Customers have reported that the wheels remain intact and stable for at least six months of daily rides. They are also known for their wheel longevity, as they are made with high-quality materials.

The wheels are designed to provide a smooth, comfortable ride, even on rough surfaces. They also offer superior grip, making it easy to maneuver the board.

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The Atom Woody All Terrain Longboard is the perfect choice if you are looking for a durable, reliable board that can handle any terrain.

Weight Capacity

You’ll be glad to know that the Atom All Terrain Longboard can handle up to 220 pounds with ease.

With a load capacity of 220 pounds, this longboard is suitable for most adults. User experience has shown that the board is solid enough for bigger riders, and it holds up to their weight without any issue.

It has been noted that the board is comfortable and easy to push off with. Riders have also experienced a smooth ride, without any bumps or jolts.

The board is also easy to maneuver, allowing riders to navigate around obstacles with ease.

Those looking for a board that can handle their weight without any issue should consider the Atom Woody longboard.

Terrain Handling

Experience the terrain-handling ability of the Atom Woody All Terrain Longboard as you ride over sticks, bark, rocks, and cracks. With its off-road capabilities, you can expect a smooth ride, no matter the terrain.

This board features a drop deck design with a 39-inch length, 10-inch width, and a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds. The wheels are 100 millimeters in size, made of polyurethane, and have a 78A durometer hardness, making them perfect for maneuvering on rough terrain.

With its great design and features, the Atom All Terrain Longboard is perfect for cruising and carving.

Features & Benefits

Enjoy the smooth ride of the Atom Woody longboard. It features a 39-inch maple wood deck, 100 millimeter polyurethane wheels, and a 220-pound load capacity. With its unique design, you can customize your ride with a variety of options, including durometer hardness, load capacity, and part number.

This longboard is also designed with safety features like easy-to-grip grip tape and a secure wheel-lock system. Get ready for a smooth, comfortable ride with the Atom Woody longboard.


You can trust the design quality of the Atom Woody Longboard. Its high-quality maple wood deck is both strong and lightweight.

The grip tape is also of excellent quality, providing enough strength to stay firmly in place.

Additionally, the wheels are made of durable polyurethane and are designed to provide a smooth ride on various terrains.

Design Quality

The Atom Woody longboard is constructed with high quality materials and offers a smooth ride. It has an eye-catching design with the classic woody pattern, giving it an aesthetically pleasing look.

The Maple wood deck is strong and durable, and the trucks and wheels are made of solid polyurethane which is abrasion-resistant. The 100mm wheels, with a 78A durometer hardness, are quiet and glide easily over obstacles.

The 39′ length and 10′ width make it easy to control and navigate. The 220 lbs. load capacity ensures it can hold up to heavy riders.

All in all, the Atom Woody longboard is a stylish and well-crafted option for an enjoyable ride.

Grip Strength

Continuing on from the previous subtopic, the grip strength on the Atom Woody longboard is top-notch. The quality of the grip tape is excellent, providing a great grip for carving.

The grip tape is also well-adhered to the deck, giving it superior performance. You won’t have to worry about slipping off the board while carving.

The grip tape is also great for sharp turns and slides, giving you good control of the board. The grip tape also provides good traction for terrain changes. You can feel confident that the grip will hold up well during your ride.

Overall, the grip strength on the Atom Woody longboard is excellent, providing a great performance for carving and other activities.

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Wheel Durability

You’ll be impressed with the durability of the wheels on the Atom Woody longboard. The wheels are 100 millimeters in size and made of polyurethane that’s 78A in durometer hardness, making them both impact-resistant and long-lasting.

They provide a smooth ride and can handle tiny rocks, bark, and cracks in the road with ease. Even a bigger person can use the board without putting too much strain on the wheels.

The wheels have a good grip and allow you to make tight turns with ease, making it great for carving. The wheel longevity is impressive and they don’t wear out as quickly as other longboards.

The wheels provide great impact resistance and are a great addition to the Atom Woody longboard.


Maintaining your Atom Woody Longboard is essential for ensuring a smooth ride. Lubrication of the trucks is important to prevent squeaking and for a smooth turn.

Additionally, it is important to regularly check the tightness of the nuts and bolts on the longboard, as a loose part can cause an accident.

Taking the time to properly maintain your Atom Woody Longboard will keep it running in tip-top shape for years to come.


You should lubricate the bearings of your Atom Woody longboard periodically to ensure a smooth ride.

To keep your longboard running smoothly, lubrication is a must. It is important to use the right product to lubricate your longboard bearings, as some lubricants may damage the bearings or cause them to become sticky. Lubrication products specifically designed for longboards are available in stores or online and should be used to lubricate your bearings.

Also, make sure to clean the bearings before lubricating them to remove any dirt or debris that might be present. To properly lubricate, apply a thin layer of lubricant to all sides of each bearing and then spin the bearing to spread it evenly. Once the bearing is lubricated, wipe off any excess lubricant with a cloth.

Lubrication will help extend the life of your longboard’s bearings and make sure you get a smooth ride.


It’s important to make sure your Atom Woody longboard is properly tightened. If you find that the trucks are too loose for your weight, make sure to adjust them by using a T tool.

Loosening or tightening the trucks can be done by adjusting the axle nuts. This can help to keep the board sturdy and provide a smooth ride for you.

Make sure to check for tightness every few weeks, and if it gets too loose, you may need to adjust the axle nuts again.

This will ensure that your Atom Woody Longboard remains in top condition and is safe to use.

Who Is It for

The Atom Woody Longboard is perfect for adults looking for a smooth ride. It has a 220-pound load capacity, 100 millimeter wheels, and 78A durometer hardness.

Ideal for riders weighing up to 220 pounds and adults of all ages, this longboard is a great choice for those looking for a reliable ride. The 39 inch wood deck provides stability while the polyurethane wheels provide a more controlled, smooth ride.

Not to mention, the 78A durometer hardness of the wheels allows for a higher level of shock absorption. If you’re looking for a reliable longboard to take you across the city or just around the block, the Atom Woody is a great choice.

Worth Buying

For those looking for a reliable ride, the Atom Woody Longboard provides a high level of shock absorption and stability for a smooth and controlled journey. Its sturdy construction and quality components make it a great long-term investment.

The maple wood deck is durable and can handle up to 220 pounds of weight. The 100 millimeter polyurethane wheels provide superior grip and can handle various terrains. The 78A durometer hardness adds to the longevity and durability of the board.

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The Atom Woody Longboard is a great value for money, offering a smooth and reliable ride that lasts for years. With a 30-day warranty, you can enjoy your ride with peace of mind.

How We Tested It: What We Liked and What We Didn’t

You can trust that this longboard offers a reliable and sturdy ride, as we tested it to ensure its quality and durability.

The Atom Woody longboard was tested for its ability to maneuver over various terrains, as well as the quality of its construction. Our testing methods included riding the board over obstacles such as sticks, bark, rocks, and cracks. We also tested the board’s ability to withstand the weight of an adult rider.

The wheels were checked for their noise levels and the grip tape was checked for its grip and adherence. The board was also tested for its stability and responsiveness.

Overall, the Atom Woody longboard had an enjoyable ride experience, with a smooth and easy push off. The board was able to handle bumps and cracks in the road with ease, and the wheels were quiet and tucked in nicely.

We did find that the board may not last for long if it is ridden over rough terrain or hills.

What Other Owners Are Saying

The Atom Woody Longboard has been well-received by customers, receiving an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon. Many customers appreciate the smooth ride and the fact that the board is durable enough to handle rough terrain. Customers also report that the grip tape is of good quality and the deck is contoured for carving.

Durability has been assessed positively, with some customers noting that the board lasted for 6 months of daily use before the front end snapped. Overall, customers are satisfied with their purchase and its performance.

Compared to Other Brands

You’ll notice a big difference between the Atom Woody Longboard and other brands.

Customers have noted that the grip tape on the Atom Woody is of much higher quality than other boards, with it being very grippy and well adhered to the deck.

The Atom Woody’s wheels are also noted to be quieter and able to go over various terrains, such as sticks, bark, rocks, and cracks.

Customers have also found the Atom Woody to be much smoother and easier to push off when compared to other longboards.

Moreover, the Atom Woody is able to handle tiny rocks, bumps, and cracks in the road easily, making it a great choice for people who live in areas with rough roads and lots of hills.

Furthermore, customers have noted that the Atom Woody is a sturdy board, even for bigger riders.

Overall, customers have given the Atom Woody positive reviews and have found it to be a great board.

Final Verdict: Durability

Overall, the Atom Woody proves to be a durable longboard, even with daily use. Its strong maple wood deck and 220-pound weight capacity make it dependable for a variety of riders.

Durability testing has been done on the board, with customers reporting that the board lasts up to 6 months of riding every day. The board has also been designed with special features to help it withstand wear and tear, such as the grippy grip tape and the strong polyurethane wheels.

The board also has a 30-day warranty to cover any manufacturing defects.

In all, the Atom Woody is a reliable longboard perfect for everyday riding.

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