Awaken Skateboard Review

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Are you looking for the perfect skateboard ride for yourself or your teen? Look no further than the Awaken Skateboard.

With its quality construction, fast shipping, and reasonable price, this skateboard is the perfect ride for any skill level.

Take it from 13-year-old Ryan, who says he’s already mastered tricks and is having a blast with his new board.

Get ready to take your skateboarding to the next level with the Awaken Skateboard.


You’ll love the smooth ride and durability of Awaken Skateboard, perfect for all skill levels. This skateboard has quick shipping and is ready to ride. It’s a great choice for both beginners and more proficient skaters, especially those aged 13 and older.

Here’s what you can expect from Awaken Skateboard:

  • Performance:
  • Smooth ride
  • Durable
  • Price:
  • Affordable
  • Negative reviews
  • Suitable for:
  • Beginners
  • More proficient skaters
  • 13-year-olds and older

Pros and Cons

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of this skateboard, so you can make the best choice for you. Awaken Skateboard is a great choice for skateboarders of all skill levels. Designed to be durable, smooth, and ready to ride, it’s perfect for those just starting out and experienced skaters alike. Plus, it’s suitable for those as young as 13.

Quick shipping & ready to rideQuality & price compared to other brands
Durable & rides smoothly
Suitable for beginners & more experienced skaters
Suitable for a 13-year-old
Make sure to weigh the pros and cons when making your decision and compare to other brands. With Awaken Skateboard, you can be sure to get a great ride.

Design & Build Quality

When considering the design and build quality of the Awaken Skateboard, the first thing to look at is the deck. The deck has a strong construction and is designed to ride smoothly.

Next, the trucks and bushings provide stability and flexibility, ensuring a comfortable ride.

The bearings are also designed to help you ride faster and help keep the board balanced.


Enjoy the smooth ride of the Awaken Skateboard, designed for all skill levels. The deck is made from durable materials to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Its design is suitable for all ages and skill sets, so whether you’re a beginner or more proficient skater, you’ll have a great experience.

The deck is constructed from hardwood maple and bamboo materials, making it both lightweight and strong. Its wider design helps with stability and balance, perfect for first-time riders. The uniquely designed kicktail also makes it easy to maneuver, allowing skaters to do tricks with ease.

Trucks & Bushings

Experience the responsive turning and smooth ride of the Awaken Skateboard’s trucks and bushings. The quality of your ride is largely dependent on the quality of your trucks and bushings.

It is important to maintain and adjust them regularly to ensure the best performance. The best brands for trucks & bushings are Randal, Paris, and Carver. They are known for their durability and long-lasting performance.

Adjusting techniques can be used to customize the ride quality to your preference. The impact of the trucks and bushings on the ride quality is major – use the right tools and maintain them regularly to experience the full potential of your skateboard.

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Upgrade the quality of your skate with the precision-designed Awaken Skateboard bearings. Crafted for long-term performance and designed to reduce friction, these bearings are perfect for any skill-level skater.

They come with a variety of components, from a durable steel ring to a nylon cage, that can be easily maintained.

The bearings also come in two types, ABEC and Swiss, so you can choose the best fit for your skateboard. With ABEC, you get high-speed stability and smooth rolling, while Swiss bearings provide enhanced durability and a more controlled ride.

Awaken Skateboard bearings are the perfect way to get the most out of your skateboard.


Feel the freedom of the road with Awaken Skateboard’s quality wheels.

Skateboard wheels come in different sizes and materials, making it easy to find the right fit for your needs.

The best brands for skateboarding are known for their high-grade materials and superior craftsmanship.

With Awaken Skateboard’s wheels, you’ll get the perfect combination of size and material for the smoothest ride.

Whether you’re just starting out or a pro skater, you can enjoy the freedom of the road with Awaken Skateboard.

Features & Benefits

Enjoy the smooth ride of the Awaken Skateboard, perfect for all skill levels from beginners to more proficient skaters. This board offers:

  • Durability:
  • Quick shipping and ready to ride
  • Durable and rides smoothly
  • Suitable for Beginners:
  • Great for beginners and more proficient skaters
  • Suitable for a 13-year-old as their first skateboard
  • Performance Comparison:
  • Awaken Skateboard: Features & Benefits
  • Awaken Skateboard: Performance Comparison

The board is highly rated for its performance, although some have complained about the quality and price. With the Awaken Skateboard, you can be sure to have a great ride with plenty of fun!


You’ll experience a smooth ride every time you jump on the Awaken Skateboard.

Its durable design and beginner-friendly features make it a great choice for any skill level.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re more experienced, you’ll love the way this board rides.

Smooth Ride

Experience the smooth ride of the Awaken Skateboard – perfect for all skill levels! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skater, you’ll appreciate the performance evaluation of this powerful ride.

Its durable design ensures that it glides smoothly and quickly, so your riding experience is stress-free and enjoyable. Thanks to its reliable construction, the Awaken Skateboard will provide a safe, smooth ride every time you take it out.

It’s an ideal choice for a 13-year-old’s first skateboard and is sure to bring hours of entertainment. Enjoy the perfect ride with the Awaken Skateboard!


You can rely on the strong construction of the Awaken Skateboard – it’ll stay durable and last you through countless rides!

Its frame is put through rigorous durability tests, ensuring it’s able to withstand all the wear and tear of regular use.

Customer reviews have also praised its durability, as skaters have reported that it has remained intact even after months of regular riding.

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Its top-notch construction and consistent quality make it the perfect choice for beginner and more proficient skaters alike.


Awaken Skateboard is the perfect choice for beginners. With its durable construction and smooth ride, it’s easy to get used to skateboarding. Plus, its features make it suitable for a 13-year-old’s first skateboard.

If you’re new to skateboarding, there are a few tips to help you out. First, get comfortable with the basics by practicing pushing around on the skateboard. Once you’re confident, you can start practicing how to turn and start to master more advanced skateboarding techniques.

With Awaken Skateboard, you’ll be able to learn all the essential skills in no time.


You want a skateboard that is easy to assemble and durable. With the Awaken Skateboard, you get both.

It’s lightweight and has a sleek design, making assembly a breeze. Plus, its durable construction ensures that it’ll last you for a long time.


Assembling your Awaken Skateboard is quick and easy. The board comes pre-assembled, so you don’t have to worry about any technical issues.

All you need to do is attach the wheels and you’re ready to go! If you’re having trouble with any of the components, there are plenty of Awaken Skateboard assembly tips online.

You can also troubleshoot common assembly issues before you get started. With everything set up correctly, you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth ride.


Enjoy a durable ride with your Awaken Skateboard – it’s designed to last and provide a smooth ride for all abilities.

Made of superior materials, the skateboard is built to withstand the toughest tricks and terrain. With its reinforced construction, the Awaken Skateboard ensures maximum performance and durability.

Even after intense use, it provides consistent stability and a smooth ride. Plus, its lightweight design makes it easy to carry around and transport.

Who Is It for

Try out the Awaken Skateboard – perfect for beginners and experienced skaters alike!

It’s designed for all skill levels; whether you’re a novice or a pro, this board can handle it.

With quick shipping and ready to ride, you can get your skateboarding fix as soon as possible.

You don’t have to worry about it being too hard for a beginner either, as it’s suitable for a 13-year-old as their first skateboard.

Also, it’s durable and rides smoothly, making it perfect for those with more experience.

Worth Buying

Don’t let the negative reviews fool you – the Awaken Skateboard is worth every penny and you’ll have a great time riding it. Compared with similar skateboards on the market, the Awaken Skateboard is a great value.

It’s quick and easy to assemble, and its smooth ride makes it perfect for any skill level, from beginners to more experienced skaters. People who have bought the skateboard report that it’s great for a 13-year-old’s first skateboard, and that it’s a great buy for anyone looking for a reliable and durable ride.

Don’t let price be the deciding factor – the Awaken Skateboard is the perfect ride for all skill levels.

How We Tested It

You may be wondering how we tested Awaken Skateboard.

After using it for a couple of months, we noticed that it was quick shipping and ready to ride. We also found that it was very durable and rode smoothly, making it ideal for both beginner and more proficient skaters.

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However, some people complained that the quality and price weren’t up to par compared to other skateboards.

After Using For A Couple of Months What We Liked

After using the Awaken Skateboard for a couple of months, you’ll love its durability and smooth ride.

What we loved about this skateboard was its quick shipping and ready-to-ride setup. It was a great board for beginners and more proficient skaters. We found it to be suitable for a 13-year-old as their first skateboard.

Our experience with the Awaken Skateboard was that it was easy to learn and control. It was also very durable and held up well during our testing. The only negative review we had was about the quality and price.

All in all, the Awaken Skateboard was a great board for all skill levels.

After Using For A Couple of Months What We Didn’t Like

The only downside we noticed was the quality and price of the Awaken Skateboard. Despite its durable construction, the skateboard had some durability concerns after a couple of months of use.

Compared to other skateboards, the Awaken Skateboard seemed a bit on the pricier side, which could be a deterrent for those on a budget. Even though the board had a smooth ride and was great for beginners, the quality-price ratio may have been a deal-breaker.

What Other Owners Are Saying

See what other skateboard owners are saying about Awaken Skateboard – it’s the perfect ride for all skill levels. Many customers have expressed satisfaction with the quick shipping and smooth ride the skateboard provides.

Beginners and more proficient skaters alike have enjoyed the quality and value for money of the product. Even 13-year-olds have found the skateboard suitable for their first ride.

Despite the numerous positive reviews, some customers have found the quality and price of the product to be subpar.

Compared to Other Brands

Compare Awaken Skateboard to other brands and you’ll find it’s a great value for money. Awaken Skateboard offers durability, smooth riding, and quick shipping making it appealing to both beginners and more experienced skaters.

When it comes to performance, the Awaken Skateboard is designed to give an advantage over its competitors, making it suitable for a 13-year-old as their first skateboard. The board’s performance is backed up by reviews from other owners who rate it highly, despite some negative reviews about its price and quality.

When it comes to choosing a skateboard, Awaken Skateboard offers an outstanding performance compared to its competitors.

Final Verdict: Worth It?

Are you looking for a skateboard that offers great performance for a good price? Then the Awaken Skateboard is worth considering. The board is designed to provide a smooth ride, perfect for beginners and more experienced skaters alike.

It’s also suitable for a 13-year-old’s first skateboard, offering quick shipping and ready to ride. When it comes to longevity and price comparison, the Awaken Skateboard offers one of the best values.

As for performance and user experience, reviews have been mostly positive, with some negative reviews pointing to quality issues and high prices.

All in all, if you’re looking for a reliable skateboard that won’t break the bank, the Awaken Skateboard is a great option.

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