Goupsky Roller Skates Review

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Like riding a bike, roller skating is a skill that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

The Retro-Style Roller Skates with Comfort and Durability offer an easy way to learn the basics and have a fun, stylish ride.

With high-quality wheels, a retro boot design, a padded collar and tongue, and an aluminum chassis, these skates provide superior features for an enjoyable ride.


The retro-style roller skates feature 58×30 mm wheels, a padded collar and tongue, an aluminum chassis with jump bar and toe stoppers, wear-resistant urethane wheels, and ABEC 7 bearings with metal spacers for comfort and durability. These skates offer superior performance compared to similar models, as well as customer satisfaction.

Features include:

  • High quality wheels
  • Padded collars and tongues
  • Aluminum chassis
  • ABEC 7 bearings
WheelsDurable and wear-resistant
Collars and TonguesComfort and cushioning
Aluminum ChassisImproved stability
ABEC 7 BearingsSmooth and fast rides

Pros and Cons

Customers have reported mixed opinions on the pros and cons of these skates. Comfort level is one of the biggest pros, with the padded collar and tongue providing excellent support. The aluminum chassis with a jump bar and toe stoppers is also a plus. The size accuracy is questionable, as some customers have experienced discrepancies. The wear-resistant urethane wheels and ABEC 7 bearings with metal spacers are a great feature, but the shiny layer on the holographic silver vinyl skates rubs off after use. Additionally, some customers have detected an unpleasant smell and haze on the skates. Toe guards are not included, making extra protection necessary. While these skates may not be suitable for everyone, they provide great comfort and durability for beginners and women learning to roller skate.

Comfort levelSize accuracy
Aluminum chassisUnpleasant smell
Wear-resistant wheelsShiny layer rubbing off
ABEC 7 bearingsLack of toe guards

Design & Build Quality

This retro-style roller skate features a classic boot design with a 1-inch heel for added stability.

The high quality wheels are made from urethane material to provide long-lasting wear resistance.

Additionally, the skate has a padded collar and tongue for enhanced comfort, and an aluminum chassis with a jump bar and toe stoppers for reliable control.

Together, these features make the skate a great choice for those looking for comfort and durability.

Retro Boots Design

The retro boots design of the skates ensures comfort and stability for customers. The boots feature a 1-inch heel, a padded collar, and a tongue for extra comfort.

The retro boots sizing is accurate and customers can easily use the size chart provided to get the perfect fit.

The retro boots have a wear-resistant urethane material that gives the user a good grip while skating. Furthermore, the aluminum chassis provides added stability and the jump bar and toe stoppers give extra control.

With the retro boots design, customers can enjoy a comfortable and safe roller skating experience.

High Quality Wheels

Equipped with ABEC 7 bearings and metal spacers, the high quality wheels of these skates provide a smooth and fast ride.

Performance evaluation is essential to maintain the wheels’ high quality. The urethane material used in the wheels is wear-resistant and designed for long-term use. The wheels are also capable of withstanding high speeds with excellent grip and control.

The metal spacers help to reduce friction and extend the life of the bearings. Even with regular maintenance, the wheels can last for a year or longer with no signs of wear and tear.

The ABEC 7 bearings ensure that the wheels are running at peak performance. They are a great choice for those looking for an optimal skating experience.

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Padded Collar & Tongue

Featuring a padded collar and tongue, these skates ensure a comfortable fit and ride. The collar and tongue are made of plush material, which reduces the pressure on the foot and ankle and provides cushioning. The padding offers a snug fit and improved durability, making it more resistant to wear and tear.

The product also comes with customer support if customers have any concerns about the quality or durability of the product. This assistance helps customers address any issues they may have quickly and efficiently.

The skates also come with ABEC 7 bearings and metal spacers, which helps with the longevity of the skates.

The combination of the padded collar and tongue, customer support availability, and high-quality materials make these skates an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and durable roller skate.

Aluminum Chassis

The aluminum chassis of these skates provides a sturdy base, with a jump bar and toe stoppers to help ensure safety.

Constructed for durability and performance, the aluminum chassis allows for flexibility and comfort when skating.

The jump bar helps provide extra stability and control, while the toe stoppers prevent the skates from slipping away.

Its construction is designed for both indoor and outdoor skating, with an ABEC 7 bearing to ensure a smooth ride.

The aluminum chassis also adds a sleek look to the skates, making them an attractive option for any level of skater.

Features & Benefits

Retro-style roller skates offer a combination of comfort and durability. They are equipped with 58 x 30-mm wheels, a retro boots design with 1-inch heels, a padded collar and tongue, an aluminum chassis with a jump bar and toe stoppers, wear-resistant wheels made of urethane material, ABEC 7 bearings, and metal spacers.

The retro design of these roller skates adds a stylish touch to your skating experience.

With their padded collar and tongue, these skates provide comfort and support, allowing you to skate for long periods without discomfort.

The urethane wheels are not only durable, but they also provide a smooth ride, ensuring a pleasant skating experience.

In addition to their features, these roller skates come with customer support. If you have any inquiries or encounter any problems, the customer support team is there to assist you.


The performance of these retro-style roller skates is top-notch, thanks to the quality 58×30-mm wheels and aluminum chassis.

The smooth ride is enabled by the ABEC 7 bearings and metal spacers.

The durable build ensures these skates last for a long time, making them an ideal choice for beginners and women.

Quality Wheels

The ABEC 7 bearings with metal spacers provide the roller skates with durable, high-quality wheels. The wheels are made of urethane material, which is wear-resistant, and come in 58 x 30-mm size options. Customers can choose between affordability and durability when it comes to wheels.

The metal spacers, attached to the ABEC 7 bearings, add an extra level of strength and stability, making them ideal for more advanced skaters. With its superior quality wheels, the retro-style roller skates offer a smooth and comfortable ride.

Moreover, these skates come with toe stoppers and a jump bar, providing extra protection and control.

Smooth Ride

Featuring superior quality wheels, these skates provide a smooth and enjoyable ride.

The 58×30-mm wheels, made of wear-resistant urethane material, are designed to give you a smooth and comfortable ride.

The aluminum chassis with jump bar and toe stoppers also adds to the smoothness.

Whether you’re trying skate park tricks or going on outdoor skating adventures, these skates will provide the stability you need to stay safe and have fun.

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The ABEC 7 bearings with metal spacers keep the wheels rolling smoothly and quietly.

The padded collar and tongue also contribute to a comfortable ride.

With these skates, you can enjoy a smooth ride every time.

Durable Build

Built with an aluminum chassis and wear-resistant urethane wheels, these skates offer a durable build that will last for years. Durability testing shows that the skates can withstand a lot of wear and tear with minimal damage. The ABEC 7 bearings and metal spacers add to the skates’ longevity and create a smooth ride.

Customer reviews indicate that the skates have survived more than a year of use, even in challenging conditions. The holographic silver vinyl skates have been known to rub off, but the shiny layer can be easily replaced. To ensure maximum durability, customers are recommended to buy toe guards for protection.


Maintaining roller skates is important to ensure they remain in peak condition and last a long time. Cleaning and lubrication are two key aspects of maintaining roller skates.

It is essential to clean the skates regularly to remove dirt, dust, and other debris.

Regularly lubricating the wheels and bearings is also important to keep them running smoothly.

Taking the time to care for your skates will ensure you enjoy a comfortable and safe skating experience for years to come.

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your roller skates regularly is key to keeping them in top condition and ensuring their longevity. It’s important to use the right techniques and materials to avoid damaging the skates.

To start, remove any dirt or debris from the wheels and chassis with a soft brush. Use a damp cloth to gently clean the boot and remove any marks or scuffs. For odors, use a fabric refresher spray or baking soda to deodorize the insides of the boot.

To finish, use a dry cloth to wipe away any excess moisture. With regular cleaning and maintenance, your roller skates should last for years to come.


Regular lubrication of roller skates is essential for maintaining their comfort and durability. To ensure peak performance, it is recommended to regularly lubricate the bearings and axles with oil or grease. Additionally, techniques such as waxing and toe stop waxing can help prolong the life of the skates.

Benefits of regular lubrication include smoother rides, protection of bearings from damage, and noise reduction. Skaters should use the right tools and lubricants, as well as follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

It is also important to clean the skates after every use to ensure optimal lubrication. By regularly lubricating roller skates, skaters can keep them feeling and performing like new for years to come.

Who Is It for

The retro-style roller skates with comfort and durability are suitable for beginners and women who want to learn roller skating easily. For adults, these skates provide a good alternative to the more expensive brands, while the padded collar and tongue provide the necessary comfort.

With the included jump bar, toe stoppers, and ABEC 7 bearings with metal spacers, they are recommended for those who are starting to learn the basics of roller skating. In addition, it is recommended to buy toe guards and other accessories for protection and safety.

The urethane wheels and aluminum chassis make them wear-resistant and durable. All in all, these skates are a great choice for those looking for a suitable and affordable alternative.

Worth Buying

The retro-style roller skates have received praise for their comfort level and design. They feature a padded collar and tongue, a 1-inch heel, and wear-resistant wheels. These skates are an excellent choice for individuals interested in learning roller skating.

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However, there have been some concerns raised by customers. Some individuals have experienced sizing accuracy issues, while others have reported an unpleasant smell and haze on the holographic silver vinyl skates. To mitigate these issues, it is recommended that customers consult the size chart and consider purchasing toe guards for added protection.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the skates are still highly recommended for beginners and women seeking a comfortable and durable pair of skates.

How We Tested It: What We Liked and What We Didn’t

To assess the quality of the roller skates, we tested them for comfort, size accuracy, and durability. We compared them to another brand, and after careful examination, we noticed a few discrepancies.

The size chart wasn’t completely accurate and the holographic silver vinyl had an unpleasant smell and haze. Additionally, the shiny layer rubbed off after our first use.

Despite these issues, the padded collar and tongue provided comfort, and the aluminum chassis with jump bar and toe stoppers gave great stability. The ABEC 7 bearings with metal spacers and the wear-resistant wheels made of urethane material were excellent.

We also found the customer service to be helpful and responsive.

Overall, the skates offer great comfort and durability, making them a good choice for beginners and women who want to learn roller skating easily.

What Other Owners Are Saying

We transitioned to the current subtopic of “What Other Owners Are Saying.”

Generally, owners were satisfied with the comfort and durability of the retro-style roller skates. However, there were some issues like sizing discrepancies and unpleasant smells on the skates. Some customers reported that the shiny layer rubbed off after first use.

Despite these issues, many customers recommended the skates for beginners and women who want to learn roller skating easily. Customer service experience was also satisfactory, with a 24-hour response time for inquiries and problem-solving.

Overall, roller skates with comfort and durability provide a good value for money.

Compared to Other Brands

Customers have compared the product to other brands and found it to offer good value for money. Reviews have been positive in terms of comfort and durability, with many customers noting that the skates are comfortable to wear and last for a long time.

Compared to other brands, the skates provide a retro look with a 1-inch heel, aluminum chassis, and quality urethane wheels. The ABEC 7 bearings and metal spacers add to the overall quality of the skates.

Customers have found that sizing information is accurate and helpful, and customer service is available for assistance. In comparison to competitors, the product has generally received positive reviews, ensuring a good experience for customers.

Final Verdict: Reliability

Overall, the product is reliable. It features ABEC 7 bearings, metal spacers, and wear-resistant urethane wheels. Customers who have used the skates for a year report that the skates have been durable and offer good stability.

However, some customers have expressed reliability concerns. They have noticed that the shiny layer rubs off after initial use. This has raised doubts about the long-term durability of the skates.

Customer reviews also suggest that the size chart provided is not accurate. This has led to an uncomfortable fit for some customers.

Despite these issues, customers praise the skates for their comfort. The padded collar and tongue provide a comfortable experience while skating.

As a result, the skates are a good choice for beginners and women who are looking for an easy way to learn roller skating.

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