Hoverboard Vs Electric Skateboard Whats The Difference

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Hoverboards and electric skateboards have significantly grown in popularity in recent years as a means of transport and leisure activity. Both of these two-wheeled devices use rechargeable battery-powered motors to get the rider moving.

However, while hoverboards are self-balancing scooters that move in a straight-wheel direction, electric skateboards are more similar to regular skateboards but powered by an electric motor. The maximum speed, weight limit, and price range of both these devices vary depending on factors such as motor, battery life, and design.

Hoverboard Vs Electric Skateboard Whats The Difference

What’s The Difference Between A Hoverboard And Skateboard?

Hoverboards and electric skateboards may have similar functions of transporting people from one point to another, but the differences in their designs are notable. Hoverboards are operated through motors integrated into the wheels and programmed sensors that calculate wheel movements based on the rider’s weight and desired direction of travel.

This self-balancing technology enables hoverboards to move in a single straight wheel direction, making them ideal for smoother surfaces. On the other hand, electric skateboards operate by motors connected to the wheel, using four wheels for stability and navigation through the rider’s body movements. They rely on riders’ balancing abilities, making them safer and more stable than hoverboards.

Electric skateboards also have higher weight limits, making them more suitable for experienced riders who wish to travel further. Additionally, they have removable batteries, providing the convenience of replacing them in case of diminished battery life. Overall, electric skateboards outsmart hoverboards in terms of safety, weight limit, and ease of use on tougher terrains.

Comparison Chart

SpecificationsHoverboardElectric Skateboard
FrameAluminumPlastic or wood
Speed6-15 mph18-28 mph
Average weight25 lbs15-28 lbs
Weight capacity120-220 lbs220- 330 lbs
LightsLED lightsLED headlights and tail lights
MotorElectric motor150-350 W (average), 350-500 W (premium)
Mode of operationSensor padWireless remote controller
Charge time3-4 hours2-5 hours
Battery life45 mins-1 hour1-3 years
Tilt sensorYesNo
Self-balancing technologyYesNo
Average Price$300-$600$200-$500

Electric Skateboard Vs Hoverboard – Which Is More Affordable?

There are various brands that offer different models of electric skateboards and hoverboards in the market today, making it difficult to determine which is more affordable. The price of both electric skateboards and hoverboards is largely dependent on features and materials used by the respective brand.

Hoverboards, with more features, stronger power, and a larger wheelbase, are generally pricier than electric skateboards. Hoverboards are typically used for leisure purposes, while skateboard enthusiasts purchase electric skateboards. Due to the higher demand for hoverboards, they tend to be more expensive than electric skateboards.

Which Is Faster – A Hoverboard Or Skateboard?

Hoverboards are generally slower than electric skateboards. Most hoverboards average 7.5 mph (12 km/h) while most electric skateboards have an average speed of 18 mph (29 km/h). It is worth noting that some hoverboards could be designed to have a higher speed, but safety concerns have slowed them down intentionally.

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Hoverboards typically have two wheels, which can make them less stable and more difficult to maneuver than electric skateboards that have four wheels. A number of reviews on YouTube have documented incidents of hoverboard accidents, revealing the instability of these devices. Due to safety concerns, designers have intentionally placed limits on the speed of hoverboards.

Which Has A Better Range?

When it comes to range, electric skateboards take the lead over hoverboards. Their sleek design allows riders to keep skating even when the battery charge is low. On the other hand, hoverboards are heavier, have bigger wheels, and are more cumbersome. This makes them less ideal for longer distances. The additional weight, poor aerodynamics, and bad wheel design negatively impact the battery performance of hoverboards, which do not seem to be designed to move far.

Electric skateboard designers can install bigger and more powerful batteries into their sleek designs. This makes it possible to achieve a 50-mile range with a high-quality e-board, although the average range for most e-boards is around 10 to 20 miles. Overall, if you’re looking for a device with a better range, an electric skateboard is the way to go.

Electric Skateboard Vs Hoverboard – Safety

Electric skateboards are widely regarded as a safer option compared to hoverboards due to their four-wheel design that offers enhanced stability. In contrast, hoverboards only have two wheels, which makes it challenging for new riders to learn and adopt. As a result, hoverboards are more prone to causing accidents compared to electric skateboards.

However, it’s worth noting that most riders tend to use electric skateboards outdoors and amidst traffic, which can lead to more catastrophic accidents. As such, riders need to exercise caution when using both hoverboards and electric skateboards and prioritize their safety equally.

It’s imperative to wear appropriate safety gear, such as helmets and tail lights when riding both devices to reduce the severity of accidents. Moreover, riders should also consider the weight limit and tire diameter of their device, which can affect their stability and control on rough surfaces.

Hoverboard Vs E-Skateboard – Portability

When it comes to portability, hoverboards, and electric skateboards are equally challenging to carry around due to their weight. On average, hoverboards weigh approximately 23 pounds, making them difficult to stash in a backpack. This issue is particularly concerning for riders who travel to places with a ban on riding hoverboards.

Electric skateboards, on the other hand, vary in weight, with some models weighing less than hoverboards. However, others, such as off-road electric skateboards, can weigh well over 50 pounds. This weight can be an inconvenient feature, which some riders cannot overlook.

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Which One Is Better For Kids – E-Board Or Hoverboard?

Both hoverboards and electric skateboards have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to choosing one for kids. Hoverboards are popular and have fun features like lights and speakers that kids enjoy, and they can also encourage outdoor play. However, some argue that hoverboards are better for older, more experienced riders who can avoid obstacles and make quick decisions.

On the other hand, if you want a device that can provide your kid with both entertainment and exercise, an electric skateboard might be the better choice. These devices are typically more durable than hoverboards, and if the battery runs out, your kid can still propel themselves manually.

Another advantage of electric skateboards over hoverboards is their safety features. Hoverboard batteries have a history of safety concerns, and while incidents may have happened in the past, it’s important to consider the potential risks to your child’s health before making a purchase decision.

Which One Is Better For Doing Tricks?

When it comes to doing tricks, electric skateboards have the upper hand compared to hoverboards. This is because they are lighter, sleeker, and more maneuverable, making them easier for riders to control. Electric skateboards also have a broader wheelbase that allows for weight distribution and better balance with their four wheels.

Hoverboards, on the other hand, are bulkier, less maneuverable, and more delicate than electric skateboards, making them a poor choice for riders who want to do tricks. Even though they have an auto-balance feature, hoverboards are still challenging to balance, particularly while doing tricks.

For riders looking to perform tricks, the electric skateboard is a better option because of its ease of control, maneuverability, and better weight distribution. In contrast, hoverboards are more suitable for smooth cruising on flat surfaces. Overall, it’s essential to consider your needs and preferences before choosing between the two devices.

Electric Skateboard Vs Hoverboard – Off-Roading

Electric skateboards and hoverboards are both great for off-roading, with all-terrain varieties available for both. All-terrain electric skateboards are designed to handle rocky terrain, dirt, gravel, and woodlands. This is due to their four-wheel design, making them more stable and better at handling obstacles than a hoverboard. However, all-terrain hoverboards come with powerful motors, bigger wheels, and tires meant for harder terrain. They are also usually water-resistant with a stronger build quality than regular hoverboards.

Both electric skateboards and hoverboards have powerful motors, excellent battery life, enough clearance, and heavy-duty wheels for off-roading. The main difference is in their balance. Electric skateboards are more stable due to their four-wheel design, making them the better choice for off-roading. Hoverboards are less maneuverable and more fragile, but all-terrain hoverboards can still provide a smooth ride on smoother surfaces. When deciding between an electric skateboard and a hoverboard for off-roading, it’s important to consider personal preference for stability and route.

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Is a Hoverboard Safer Than a Skateboard?

Yes, a hoverboard is generally safer for riding than an electric skateboard because it uses self-balancing technology to keep the rider upright. However, hoverboards can be more dangerous when charging since they are prone to catching fire or exploding. It is important to always buy a UL2272-certified hoverboard and always wear a helmet for any type of riding.

Is a Hoverboard Like a Skateboard?

A hoverboard is similar to an electric skateboard in that they both have a motor and the rider stands on a platform while riding. However, a hoverboard has 2 wheels while an electric skateboard has 4 wheels.

Is Riding a Hoverboard Difficult?

Riding a hoverboard is not difficult. Most people can learn how to balance and control it in under 30 minutes. However, riding an e-skateboard requires more balancing skills and coordination. If you have no experience with skateboarding, be careful when stepping on a motorized skateboard. While it’s not necessary to know how to ride a regular skateboard, it can make learning electric skateboarding easier.

Is Hoverboard Worth Buying?

Whether or not a hoverboard is worth buying depends on your intended use. If you’re looking for a reliable means of transportation to work, it may not be the best choice due to laws prohibiting their use in many areas. However, if you’re looking for a fun way to ride around your backyard or local park, a hoverboard can be a good investment.

Which is More Fun: Hoverboard vs Electric Skateboard?

Both hoverboards and electric skateboards can be fun to ride, but hoverboards may feel more exciting because they’re less common. However, it’s important to be respectful of other users and avoid annoying them while riding either device. Ultimately, it’s up to personal preference and what you find more enjoyable.

Should you get an electric scooter, an electric skateboard, or a hoverboard?

The decision to get an electric scooter, electric skateboard, or hoverboard depends on your personal preference. Electric scooters are the safest and easiest to ride, but they are also the most expensive. All three options have similar maximum speeds and battery life, and provide a stable ride.

What should you consider about an electric skateboard?

When considering an electric skateboard, you should look at the wheel design (dual-wheel or single-wheel), the size of the wheels, and features like a battery status indicator and a powerful motor for rough terrain. Make sure to compare different options to find the right board for you.

Can both be customized?

Both hoverboards and electric skateboards can be customized to fit the rider’s preferences. However, electric skateboards have an advantage over hoverboards as they typically have more surface area for customization. While hoverboards are also customizable, it can be easier to customize a RipStik compared to a hoverboard. Overall, both devices offer a range of customization options for riders to personalize their ride.


Whether you prefer the futuristic feel of a hoverboard or the classic vibe of an electric skateboard, both are great options for getting around town. It all comes down to personal preference and what suits your lifestyle best.

Whichever you choose, just remember to always wear protective gear and ride responsibly. Happy cruising!

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