Evolve Bamboo GTX Review

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This is one of the most popular electric skateboards in the market and we are not surprised. Why? Read the complete review on Evolve Bamboo GTX to find out…

The Evolve GTX is made from high-grade bamboo, a material known and preferred for its super flexibility and durability, and is amped up by a high-torque lithium battery.

We were impressed with the massive battery range of up to 31 miles, making this skateboard perfect for frequent and long rides.

You can reach a high speed of 26MPH depending on your weight and the terrain you wish to ride on. This electric skateboard is fit for adults so the weight capacity is also high.

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Another fantastic feature of this dynamic skateboard is its four-speed modes, which riders of all skill levels can enjoy. The modes include Slow, Eco, Fast, and GT which take the rider from a low speed to rocket power.

Beginners can start with the slow mode for comfort and learning purposes, and then move to the next level of Eco mode. The Fast and GT modes are for skilled riders who enjoy high speed and swift acceleration. Having so many options in one skateboard is what makes this product truly worth its price.

If you like to have total control of all the features in the palm of your hand then you will be glad to know that you can do so with an all-new Evolve GT series remote. The ergonomic designed remote device displays information such as battery level, the range, and the selected mode on a clear LCD screen.

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If you are a beginner and plan to get this model as your first skateboard then we suggest that you stick to the lower modes and always practice with a helmet on.

Final Words:

Before finalizing buying decision let’s sum up our review of Evolve Bamboo GTX. It shows a really great battery life of up to 31 miles with minimal charging time.

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If you look at the wheels you will be glad to know that it has both the options of skating on terrain and flat surface. So, you will be relaxed when you think about which surface is perfect for the board. Newbie to pro anyone can be easily set with 04-speed modes with it. Along with this review, you can find out other skateboard reviews from the Best Electric Skateboard review section.

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