Are Electric Skateboards Waterproof? What You Need to Know

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In short, electric skateboards are generally not waterproof. There’s a downside to owning one of these boards, as they’re usually used for everyday commuting in the dry. As such, most models don’t come with any waterproofing protection from the manufacturer.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. Some brands do offer e-boards with high-quality water-resistant material which allows riders to ride their board safely in wet conditions or during a light rain shower. Although these boards may display some degree of resistance to water, it doesn’t mean that they are completely waterproof against heavy rains or splashes of water.

Are Electric Skateboards Waterproof

What Is the Difference Between Waterproof and Water-resistant Electric Skateboards?

If you’re on the hunt for an electric skateboard, one of the biggest decisions you will have to make is whether to choose a waterproof or water-resistant board. Though at first glance they may seem similar, there are important differences between the two that you need to be aware of.

The main difference comes down to how well it can resist water. No matter how long it is positioned in water, something that is waterproof will not let any of the liquid permeate.

On the contrary, water-resistant skateboards are designed with protection in mind but only up to a certain point. Once this point is reached or after a certain depth is exceeded, the board will no longer be able to withstand any more water and eventually the internal parts might become damaged as a result.

What Happens When Your Electric Skateboard Has Water Damage?

When a water-damaged electric skateboard occurs, it’s important to remember that the warranties from most brands won’t cover it. Understanding this phenomenon in detail involves looking at the fine print of the manufacturer’s warranty policy.

Fortunately, repairs can still be done even though no device is truly waterproof, and spare parts for the skateboard are often available. They can be ordered directly from the manufacturer or sourced from third-party repair shops which will depend on what brand you have.

Even if you can’t find an exact match as far as parts go, many times replacement PCBs will get your skateboard up and running again with electrical solutions that could be temporary or permanent depending on your need.

1. Are Boosted Boards Waterproof?

The answer to the question, “Are Boosted Boards waterproof?” is simply no. While the components of Boosted boards – including the motor and battery – are water-resistant, this does not mean they are waterproof. Water can still cause a great deal of damage to a beloved electronic device through short-circuiting, and this applies to Boosted boards too.

It is necessary to be careful when riding your board in rainy or snowy weather as it may result in a lack of traction and control as well as wood warping due to soaking up water. Even if your deck is waterproof, your bearings will still deteriorate quickly due to wetness. Snow poses an even greater risk, as it can greatly hinder movement if your board is close to the ground.

In short, while it may be possible to ride with some degree of safety when it rains or snows lightly, slippery roads always increase the risk of falling and potential injury – something you can easily avoid by steering clear of these conditions altogether!

2. Is WowGo Waterproof?

When it comes to choosing an electric skateboard, the WowGo is a top option due to its high-end specs and durability. However, when it comes to being waterproof, you may be wondering if the WowGo boards are also waterproof. The answer is both yes and no.

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The models and variants that you choose determine whether they are water-resistant or not. For example, the WowGo 3X has dual 600W motors, 90mm wheels, and a 260Wh battery which allows for a long range of up to 22km on one charge. It’s not 100% waterproof, but its bamboo and fiberglass layers make it resistant to splashes of water and puddle rides without soaking through.

The WowGo 3 variant also offers either a 6Ah or 8Ah battery option as well as bamboo and fiberglass construction that ensures water resistance without submerging in water completely. On top of all this is the WowGo KT, which has a kicktail design with better ESC so that you can have good acceleration, deceleration, and maneuverability while being somewhat waterproof; however, it is best to avoid any wet conditions deliberately when riding this board.

Is An Electric Skateboard Worth It?

Well, the answer depends on your individual needs and financial situation. Electric skateboards can be expensive, so it’s a big decision to make if you decide to switch to one. But if you do decide to invest in an electric skateboard, I don’t think you’ll regret your choice.

Electric skateboards are a lot of fun – they can reach speeds of over 30 mph and offer great control compared to traditional longboards. Riding an e-skateboard requires skill and practice but can be worth it for those who have the time and dedication to master it.

Plus, e-skateboards are great if you want one more sustainable way of getting around town!

Can You Ride An Electric Board in The Rain?

If you’re considering riding your electric board in the rain, it’s important to first make sure that it is waterproof. Generally speaking, if an electric board is waterproof, then it may be safe to ride it in the rain.

To determine if your electric board is waterproof or not, you will need to look for its IP rating. An IP rating can tell you how resistant your board is against dust and water intrusion. For example, some boards might have a rating of IP54 which means that it is dust-protected and could be safe from light water splashing.

Boards with a rating of IP57 are both dust-resistant and are considered waterproof up to one meter depth. Yet those with an IP68 rating are considered completely dustproof and waterproof.

Unfortunately, not all electric boards display an IP rating as this isn’t always a requirement for manufacturers and because of costs associated with getting one tested, most companies don’t bother with it. As such, if you can’t find this information on your board then you should avoid riding it in the rain entirely.

How to Waterproof Your Electric Skateboard?

Waterproofing your electric skateboard is an excellent way to make sure you can enjoy your ride even in wet conditions. After all, when it’s raining or the roads are wet, you don’t want your precious electric skateboard to get damaged! Fortunately, DIY-ing the waterproofing of your electric skateboard isn’t too difficult – with the right material, anyone can do it.

The first step is to understand why waterproofing an electric skateboard is necessary in the first place. This way, any modifications you make are better targeted toward that end goal. To summarize, we waterproof our boards so that we’re able to safely and reliably ride our electric skateboards in rain and on wet surfaces without fear of damage or malfunctions!

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Once this is established, it’s time to start looking at what materials are commonly used for DIY-ing a waterproof electric skateboard. Silicone sealant is one such material that is often employed as its adhesive properties provide a strong bond which will help keep your board safe in wet conditions. With this material effectively sealing up gaps and cracks in exposed parts of your board, maximum protection against water damage can be expected.

1. Materials Required to Waterproofing Your E-board:

Making sure your electric skateboard is fully waterproofed is a must if you want to keep your ride in top condition. To do this, you’ll need a few items that will help you wrap the board in a protective and waterproof layer.

Heat shrink wrap, thicker shrink plastic, grip tape, spray paint, and waterproof sealant are all great materials to pick up for this task. With these items, you can make sure your e-board is watertight and safe from the elements.

No matter if it’s torrential rain or huge ocean waves – your e-board will remain securely protected until you’re ready to take it out for another adventure!

2. Procedure:

Waterproofing an electric skateboard is easier than you may think! All you need are a few heat-shrink wrapping sheets, grip tape and spray paint to do it yourself. Here’s the procedure:

  • 1. First, wrap the battery of your electric skateboard individually with a heat shrink wrapping sheet.
  • 2. Second, cover the entire deck of your board upside down with thicker shrink plastic, making sure that it is tight and there is no gap for water to enter.
  • 3. Third, use grip tape to cover the edges of your board and make it extra secure from water leakage.
  • 4. Once you’re finished, cover the board with black metallic spray paint to safeguard against moisture and accidental drops.

This easy procedure will have your electric skateboard waterproofed in no time and without breaking your budget – making it safer for riding in wet weather conditions!

After Wetting, What Next?

If your skateboard has been soaked, it’s important to take steps to lessen the damage that can occur. Take the board away from the source of water and then dry it thoroughly. To do this, you should remove all hardware – such as the trucks and grip tape – and towel or rag dry these components.

Additionally, you should also remove the wheels and lubricate the internal and external parts of the bearings by spraying on some lubricant. This will help protect them against rusting.

Once that is done, you need to place the deck in direct sunlight for a long time to get it completely dry. Alternatively, if the weather is bad, keep it covered in a garage so it can air dry.

The Benefits of Owning a Waterproof Electric Skateboard Are

If you’re looking for a skateboard that can handle any weather condition, then a waterproof electric skateboard is the way to go. With this type of board, you can ride safely and confidently in all types of wet weather without fear of damaging the board. Plus, since it’s waterproof, it will be more durable and less likely to break or suffer wear and tear.

The tires on these boards provide an even better grip when riding in wet conditions too. Not only will you feel more secure, but you’ll also get a smoother ride due to the increased grip. So if you want a board that will give you peace of mind in any condition, invest in a waterproof electric skateboard!

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How To Choose The Best Waterproof Electric Skateboard For You

When it comes to choosing the best waterproof electric skateboard for you, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, the level of waterproofing that you require will depend on where and how often you plan on riding. For instance, if you only ride in wetter climates then you’ll need a board that’s more water-resistant than one designed for dry conditions.

Additionally, it’s worth taking your budget into account since waterproof electric skateboards usually cost more than non-waterproof boards. Some companies even offer electric skateboards with different levels of waterproofing – so if you know that you won’t be going too deep into the water, then this could be an ideal choice for you.

Finally, it helps to know what type of riding you’ll be doing. Light riders may not need a waterproof board but if you’re looking for a board that can do some tricking and off-roading then going with a more waterproof model could be beneficial.

Points to Ponder

If you’re looking to waterproof an electric skateboard, you should consider some things first. Parts of the skateboard like the trucks and tires are typically made from polyurethane or rubber material, both of which are water-resistant. However, skateboards with decks typically made from Canadian or maple wood can be harder to waterproof as these materials aren’t naturally water-resistant.

One solution if your board doesn’t have this built-in protection is to apply a DIY layer of fiberglass coverage to achieve maximum waterproofing results. This also helps keep your electrical elements safe against corrosion caused by water damage. So make sure to ask yourself these important points when it comes time for your electric skateboard’s waterproofing needs!


Are Any Electric Skateboards Waterproof?

The vast majority of electric skateboards are not impervious. Nevertheless, several boards are water-resistant. This implies that the board will not habitually let the rain permeate inside. As such, you can easily drive it on a rain-drenched street.

Is Meepo Waterproof?

Meepo boards are designed to be water resistant and can safely drive on wet surfaces. However, under no circumstances should it be submerged in water.

Is The Jking Electric Skateboard Waterproof?

The Jking electric board is a great choice for street wandering. Its waterproof and non-slip surface make the rides safer.

Is The Meepo V3 Waterproof?

The Meepo V3 electric skateboard is not waterproof, so it is recommended to avoid using it in wet conditions.

How Long Does The Meepo V3 Battery Last?

The Meepo V3 takes around 2 hours to charge completely and can last up to 2 hours of use. The ER version has a longer charging time, at approximately 2.7 hours.

What Does A Waterlogged Skateboard Look Like?

The sodden skateboard will have a robust deck like cardboard. It will grow much weightier. The board will tend to look friable and appear destroyed when flexed. These are the indications of a sodden skateboard.


Electric skateboards can be used safely in the rain and are built to survive splashes of water and weather elements. Although they are generally waterproof, you should still take precautions when using them in wet conditions or while near bodies of water to ensure that no damage is done to your board or its components.

With the right care and maintenance, you can continue to enjoy long rides on your electric skateboard for many years.

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